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Best 5 Paid Android Apps Which are Worth Every Penny

Hello Guys, today I’m going to show you 7 Premium (Paid) Android apps that are worth every penny. These are those apps which offer unique functionality and features i their category. These apps will help turn your phone into a far more productive experience. The following apps are either new or just updated. All five apps listed below are definitely worth paying a premium price to download. Enjoy the 5 paid Android apps that the Google Play Store offer and worth every penny.

Top 5 Beast Paid Apps for Android -Techposts
Top 5 Beast Paid Apps for Android -Techposts

1. Manual Camera:

Manual Camera - Android Apps on Google Play -Techposts
Manual Camera – Android Apps on Google Play -Techposts
Manual Camera - Apps worth Every penny
Manual Camera – Apps worth Every penny

Android 5.0 upgrade brought one of the biggest new features which is a new camera 2 API that allows lot of manual control over your camera sensor and lets you shot amazing pictures. If you love clicking shots or photography, than this is the app for you.
With Manual camera you can easily set exposure, white balance and adjust focus distance manually. You can download and install Manual Camera for $2.99 from Play store.

2. Pocket casts:

Pocket Casts App for Android - Best Paid Podcast App
Pocket Casts App for Android – Best Paid Podcast App

Honestly, its the best podcast app available for android on Play store. You can browse the Discover section to find bunch of cool podcasts or you can also directly search one you want. This app comes with a beautiful and decent interface for playing podcasts.
In Pocket casts when you subscribe any particular podcast you will be able to see pretty cool options in the podcast setting menu (the three dots on top right corner). Here you can choose to download new podcasts, you can skip introductions, increase playback speed, boost the volume and also skip over any moment. This app is a good deal for $3.99. Install Pocket casts from Play Store now.

3. Smart IR Remote:

Smart IR Remote - Universal Remote Control App
Smart IR Remote – Universal Remote Control App

This app needs inbuilt IR blaster like in Samsung and HTC devices. This app turns your device into best universal remote. You can program this app to easily control almost any device in your house. In pro version which is available for $6.99, you add as much device as you want. It comes with a feature which helps you control devices by swiping on screen. Like swipe up to increase volume and all other stuff. You can control devices like DSLR cameras, Set-top boxes, projectors, TV, AC and few WLAN connected devices. You can install Smart IR Remote app from Google Play Store for $6.99.

4. Nova Launcher Prime:

Nova Launcher Prime - Best Android Launcher
Nova Launcher Prime – Best Android Launcher

It’s one of the best and most popular launcher available for Android (more than 10M installs). This is the most customizable launcher. There is both free and paid version of this app which costs $4.99. The free version offers few customization options but in the pro version, called Nova Launcher Prime, you get access to some cool settings like App drawer folder, you can hide apps in app drawer, setup gestures to launch apps and perform different tasks with a swipe.

Install Nova Launcher Prime for $4.99

Install Nova Launcher (Free Version)

5. Tasker:

Tasker - An App that can do everything you imagine doing with your Android Phone
Tasker – An App that can do everything you imagine doing with your Android Phone

Last, but not the least, in fact the best of all and my favorite that we discussed here. If you have ever thought if your phone can do this or that, then YES, you can do it with “Tasker” . This app is capable of automating almost any task on your device. There are many profile context and you can choose any. Then it will trigger a task (event) when certain condittions are met.It has tons of contexts with different options to choose from and possibilities are virtually endless. For example, you can turn Wi-Fi on or off in certain locations.

Install Tasker App from Play Store


This is not the end. These are only 5 best paid apps that we choose to discuss here. There are hundreds of great paid apps available on Play Store. If you have any paid app installed on your device or you want to recommend any, please use the comment section below. Also, we would appreciate it if you share this post or subscribe to our Newsletter and like or follow us on Twitter, facebook or Google+.

Written by Ravi Singh

I am an Avid learner and Tech Enthusiast. He is the Founder of Techposts. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel for HowTo Video Guides and reviews.

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