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  • Top 10 Android Hacking APPS
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    Top 10 Free Android Hacking Apps and Tools 2017

    Android is based on Linux  which makes it a good platform for hacking apps. Today, Android is not just a Mobile OS but it has also started grabbing the PCs via Android-x86, Phoenix OS and Remix OS projects. So today, in this posts, i will be listing some of the top Android hacking applications that you […] More

  • 10 Apps to Test Android Hardware for free
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    Top 10 Apps to Test Hardware of Android Device

    We will be looking at the top 10 Android apps that you can use to test the hardware abilities of your Android or any other Android device. These apps will help you confirming the hardware configuration, checking the faulty hardware and the performance of the hardware of your new Android phone. You need to use […] More

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  • Chrome Bug allows Sites Secretly Spy on You by Recording Audio and Video files

    Chrome bug allows Sites to Record Audio/Video and Spy Secretly

    What if i say you are being listened or your video is being recorded while you are reading this post? Scary, right! But that’s possible. Security researchers recently found a Chrome bug that Allows Sites To Spy On You By Secretly Recording Audio/Video.  How Chrome Bug Allows Sites Spy on You by Recording Your Audio or […] More

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