This $3 WiFi SoC can Hack any WiFi Network Without Password

This $3 WiFi SoC can Hack any WiFi Network Without Password

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Hack any WiFi network around You

Today in this guide i will show you how to build a WiFi Hacker/Attacker module for less than $3 USD i.e. less than Rs. 200. We will be using the NodeMCU V3 a ESP8266 WiFi SoC, programmable with Arduino, which is popularly used for building the Internet of Things. I will be creating more content on DIY IoT devices. So Stay tuned.

For now, we will be building a WiFi DeAuther using this module which allows you to disrupt any WiFi network and it’s clients around you without any password. Thanks to this developer guy named “Stefan Kremser” or Spacehuhn. You may support him on GitHub. I will explain it’s working later in this video. Watch and SUBSCRIBE!

Building a $3 WiFi Deauth Attacker Module with ESP8266

So first get the ESP8266 WiFi SoC from Aliexpress or Amazon whichver you prefer. Use following links to buy now.

Next, Download the NodeMCU Flasher program file for Windows and ESP8266_Deauther_1mb.bin file. Next, you need to configure few settings under the Advanced and then go to Config tab, click on gear icon and choose the ESP8266 Deauther.bin file. Refer to below screenshot.Choose Path of Bin File

ESP8266 Flash

Once you did that, go back to Operation tab and make sure correct com port is selected. Hit flash and wait for few minutes.

Flashing Stock firmare in ESP8266 NOdeMCU Module

Once it completes the process disconnect it from PC and then again connect to a PC or any other power source.

Next, take out your smartphone or PC and open WiFi setting. Select WiFi that says “pwned” and enter password “deauther”. I have changed it to Hacker’s Zone.

Next, open the web browser on your Android or iPhone or PC. Enter in the address bar and hit Enter or Go.

You will land on this screen. Please read the WARNING NOTICE carefully and only then click on the I’ve Read and Understood the notice above.

Scan all WiFi Networks

You will be taken to the main page where you need to click on Scan button to scan all available WiFi networks around you. You will see all networks in a list form with network strength. From here you may select either one or multiple WiFi networks. I recommend choosing one at a time. To select just tap on Select button next to WiFi SSID.


Select wifi netwrok to eb attacked

Now at the top, click or tap on the Attacks tab. Here, You can use three different attacks –

  • The Deauth mode
  • Beacon Mode
  • Probe-Request.

Three attacks on WiFi

The deauth attack will disconnect the devices from the network. Because the attack is running constantly, the devices will be disconnected again and again

In Beacon mode, this tiny device creates a lot of fake APs, a large number of same SSID’s confuses the Wireless clients like your phone and PC which prevents them from connecting to the preferred WiFi network.

Beacon Mode attack on WiFi Networks

Combination of DeAuther and Beacon mode can do more harm so be careful.

In probe Request attack, this WiFi SoC will generate large quantities of probe requests targeted at a specific AP. AP will respond to a probe request by sending a probe response, which contains information about that particular network. Due to the large volume of probe requests transmitted during a flood attack, the AP will be stuck continuously responding, thus resulting in a denial of service for all clients connected or trying to connect on that AP.

Use Responsibly

You can change WiFi SSID and default password under the Settings tab. It’s portable and You may use power source like a Power bank or your android phone’s OTG port to power this tiny device which consumes very little power. So there you have it a Tiny WiFi Deather Hacking module for less than $3 USD.

WiFi Hacker module for just $3

Let me know what you think about this guide and make sure you use it for testing and educational purposes only. Once again it’s not a JAMMER, it’s a WiFi Deauther module.

I will bring more interesting guides on IoT devices build using ESP8266 and other Microcontrollers. So please subscribe now and Give this video a big thumbs up.
I will see you in the next, Thanks for watching.

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