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4 iOS Apps You Should Try on Your iPhone or iPad

Today in this post i will be sharing few iOS apps that you must try out on your iPhone or iPad device. Well there are 4 apps that i’ve been using and these apps are very unique, new and interesting. Please try out these apps if and if you liked them, then do share them with your friends. Let’s get started,

1. Google Spaces:

Google Spaces app review for iOSGoogle Spaces is essentially a way for you to connect with friends and family or just people you work with or whatever it may be. Essentially by creating a space you create a subject sort of chat room and chat box that integrates features from Google such as Google Search, Youtube integration and all sorts of things. It’s a quick efficient way to chat and talk about certain topics and segments conversations based on context.


2. Stock X:

This is very interesting app that emerges the worlds of Wall Street and sneaker culture. As a semi sneakerhead, i find this app really interesting. You get real-time values of all sorts of rare authentic shoes and all sorts of things. While i haven’t bought a pair though them yet stock X says they verify each pair by hand so that there’s no fakes or no lying or cheating or stealing going on.

Stock X app for iOS is for Sneaker lovers
Stock X app for iOS is for Sneaker lovers

I would also recommend this after someone who’s looking to get into sneaker culture. It feels a little bit insecure about whether they are overpaying for a certain shoe or they don’t really know the necessary information. Stock X puts all of that information upfront so it might be a little intimidating but if you’re get into it this is a great way to gain that knowledge off the top.


3. OfferUp:

OfferUp is a must try app for iPhone and iPad usersThis is a very simple app that fulfills the service that most of you including myself could probably use. Using OfferUp, you can just basically sell and buy used items, new items or whatever it may be. I’m a hoarder and i’ve been cleaning out my house recently, so this app is my best friend for the next month or so. In short it’s basically an app version of Craigslist. However they’re happy to brag that it’s very safe and that every seller and buyer is verified and is trusted source.download-on-the-app-store

4. Ink Hunter:

Ink Hunter App for iPhone and iPad
Ink Hunter App for iPhone and iPad

Last but not the least Ink Hunter is probably one of my favorite apps that is going to be for a very niche audience. Using this app you can try tattoo designs in real life and that’s basically what it is. So you basically pick a tattoo and then by using the camera, app will augment your arm and show you an image of how a tattoo would look on your arm or any body part.

You can also actually enter your own sketches so if you’re an artist and want to see, for example, how tight you might look on a real person. Tattoos are just a little bit permanent so i think is very useful app when someone who has tattoos and wants more and i am definitely going to be using this.


So that’s it guys in this post, please let me know what you think in the comments below if you like these apps or if you guys are fan or you gonna download them. Also share this article with your friends and i’ll be back with a new article soon.  Also Subscribe to us for more such How to Tech Guides on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux below or Connect with us to stay updated for more via Facebook,  Google+ and Twitter.

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