8 Insanely Best Tech Gadgets for Pokemon Go Hunter

8 Insanely Best Tech Gadgets for Pokemon Go Hunter

by Ravi Singh
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Pokemon Go was an instant hit and has broken every record since it’s launch in July. It’s also the first location-based pervasive augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch devices. Almost 500 Million people downloaded Pokemon Go game in just two months of it’s release worldwide. With time the craze and passion for Pokemon Go has gone down but the game isn’t dead yet. The Clash Royale, which is a popular battling game has replaced it from the top list in US. With that being said, we are here with a list of 8 insanely best tech gadgets that can help you catch Pokemons in Pokemon Go game with a tech swag.

This post will definitely fascinate people who loves gadgets, and here’s list of those fascinating gadgets.

1. Pokédrone :

PokeDrone is a mini drone from TRNDlabs equipped with GPS and inbuilt camera that acts as an external camera and captures pokemon from places where you can’t. So instead of using your device’s GPS and camera, Pokemon Go app uses the GPS and camera of PokeDrone. You don’t even need to be an expert to fly this drone as it has a auto take-off and landing feature. Get OnePokedrone

2. iBackPack:

This is a next-Gen backpack that comes equipped with loads of features. It has an inbuilt bluetooth speaker system with high grade zippers, strong fabric for long lasting and nice leather handle. Besides that it has built in USB ports with power charging system. iBackPack can be used to setup personal Wi-Fi network with AT&T, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodaphone, O2, Verizon, Sprint and other 3G/4G carriers and can connect upto 6 devices at a time. It’s waterproof and Anti-theft proof and available for sale.iBackpack - Next Generation Backpack

Few other features are as follow:

  • Downloadable B2B contacts
  • Up to 10k contacts per month
  • Wi-Fi / Mi-Fi 3G/4G with 8,000 mAh battery
  • 20,000 mAh main battery with flashlight
  • +30 pockets (with hidden pockets)
  • Retractable power cord + smart cables (5 pcs)
  • Universal 110V/220V to USB wall plug
  • Car charger with 2 USB ports
  • 4 ports USB HUB
  • Bluetooth speaker/controller
  • iPhone/Android mobile apps
  • Luggage tags & key fobs
  • RFID blocking pouches

Buy iBackPack Now

3. Golchi

It’s world’s first “2 Drinks in 1” Bottle. You can cary hot and cold drinks in the same bootle. The cold drink is marked with blue color and hot with red by Golchi using it’s temperature marker. It has a built in storage campartment at center that can be used to carry nuts or protein powder etc. It’s thermal insulation can keep your hot drinks piping hot for upto 12hrs and cold drinks as ice cold for upto 24 hrs. It’s easy to carry around.Golchi 2 drinks in one bottle

Depending upon your needs, Golchi can be customized into four different configuration (Watch video). It can also be divided into two different mini bottle by dividing it into two. With total 15 different other great features, it’s definitely an excellent versatile product not only for Pokemon Hunters but people playing sports, going office or Gym etc. You can Pre-order Golchi at IndiGogo and can support the development and production.

4. Trainer Ball

Trainer ball is basically kinetic connective device or a remote control for the Pokemon Go game that pairs with your smartphone. You don’t need to use your fingers, flickr or swipe to catch Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game. Instead, you get a real Pokeball to catch Pokemons like they are meant to be caught.Real Pokeball to catch pokemons

So when you see the Pokémon on your smartphone, don’t swipe pokeball in the app, but throw this real pokeball and catch the Pokémon – how cool is that. Your smartphone camera tracks the pokéball you throw and let’s you catch the pokemon like a real Poké Trainer. It’s freak’n AI (Artificial intelligence) based on computer vision built for a game. Technology is making this game almost real, we have a Pokéball, now we only need real Pokémons. 🙂

This Pokéball has inbuilt motion sensor and accelerometer which catches the motion when you throw the ball and interacts with your device to catch Pokemon. The best thing is that it can also be used as a Powerbank, wow. It can literally charge your device using a USB cable besides catching Pokéons. You can support and back the development of this GamerREALITY project at Kickstarter. This is not limited to Pokemon Go game, but can be used for other games and apps.

5. Night Runner Shoe Lights

These are a cool pair of led headlights, just like in your car (not kidding) that fit’s any sports shoes, so you can run all day and all night. You can also use them for running, hiking, riding bicycling and even in rain or rough terrain. With front led lamps, it offers wide visibility during night at upto 30meters and back led lamps provides visibility to other runners and vehicles. It has a rechargable lithium ion battery which is capable of delivering 8hrs of power to the lamps in a single charge via USB. Buy Night Runner Shoe LightsNight Running Shoes Lights


Linky is a modern lighweight longboard (skateboard) which comes in palm of your hand when folded. It’s made of of high grade plastics, Bamboo and carbon fiber and weight just 4.9Kg. It can go upto 30Km/hr and can even take you up the hill with upto 100kg weight (inclination 10%). If you buy one, you will also get a carry bag which is strong and you have three different options to choose from. It can also fit in any normal carry bag. Linky can take you upto 15km of distance in just a half hour charge. With this design and features, Linky is surely gonna attract a lot of people.Linky the modern Logboard foldable

No traffic, no waiting and no more pollution. You can buy one when it’s available and to get the availability detail, you must sign up their newsletter.

7. BioRing

BioRing as the name suggest is a wellness tracker which means it tracks what you eat, the calories, sleep pattern, protein, fat intake, stress level, distance walked, heart rate etc. They say that it’s the only way you can accurately and easily measure the calorie, fat and protein intake using inbuilt accelerometer, optical HR sensor and Bio-Impedence sensor. The BioRing is stylish and can connect to your smartphone. It vibrates when you get notifications related to your health and other device notifications, and you always change the behavior settings from your smartphone. Depending upon your daily activities, it also suggest you personalized fitness and health plans. BioRing is scratch resistant and water proof. It also helps you maintain the fluid level in your body and glucose level.

8 Insane Gadgets For Pokemon Go Hunting

8 Insane Gadgets For Pokemon Go Hunting

BIORing is available for Pre-Order at Indiegogo, you may buy and support the development.

8. Catalyst Tool

The Catalyst is a tool for Pokémon Go game designed to be used with the Catalyst case available for iPhone 6/6S (Plus) and so that you can go anywhere and catch ’em all. The tool attaches with the catalyst case which is a water (5m) and shock proof (2m) case for iPhone devices. This allows you to shoot the Pokeball precisely at the rare pokemon you want to catch in any environment. The case is attached with a wrist lanyard to secure your device from accidental drops. While the case preserves the touch ID, cameras, sensors, acoustics, and all buttons and ports. Catalyst Case is available for sale and you may buy one now.

Catalyst tool for iPhone Pokemon Go

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Steven October 17, 2016 - 12:27 am

I’ve never seen a Pokedrone! I wonder if it’s okay to be handled by younger kids or if it’s too fragile?

Jake@Gadgetonic February 5, 2017 - 4:01 am

I love that companies are coming up with healthy products to use while catching Pokemon! Keeping kids/adults active is so important but to add cool gadgets to the mix; game changer! I’m definitely going to be looking more into the BioRIng! Have you tried any of the products for personal or catching Pokemon?


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