8 Must Have Android Apps 2018- Review

There are millions of apps available for Android on PlayStore and online. Not everyone has so much time, space and data to try each and every app. To be honest, most of them you wouldn’t actually need.  At Techposts, we’ve spent hours curating the top Android apps that every Android user should have installed on their Android Device and created this list of top 8 Android apps one android user must have. If you have any suggestions for any other quality Android apps we’ve missed then please let us know via comments below.

Must Have Apps for Android 2016

Must Have Apps for Android 2016

Disa (free)

The Disa app is basically an all in one messenger which make managing and replying to messages across all the platforms very easy. it might sound boring but it is the most  practical app that you can use so let me show you how.

DISA - All in One Messenger for Android

DISA – All in One Messenger for Android

Using Disa we get Facebook messages, Whatsapp messages and text messages all under on roof so i can chat with my facebook, whatsapp and also reply to text messages from this single app itself. So rather than using three different applications for each of these services, you can have this one app to tackle care of all of your messaging needs.

Disa also saves lot of memory on your device as you’ll no longer have to switch between applications and makes it more convenient to update and maintain. So that is the reason why it’s the most practical app which is available on Google PlayStore for free.

Adblock fast (free)

It’s basically an ad blocking plugin that you can install on your phone which promises an ad free experience while surfing the internet and it doesn’t require the root. But with that it has some minor limitations. like it only works with Samsung browser, not on chrome or any other third party web browser. But on the brighter side it’s very helpful when you want to browse a website or download something from a website which has lot of popups and advertisements.

Adblock Fast App for Android

Adblock Fast App for Android

Although it’s not the permanent fix to pesky popups and disturbing ads, it the only anti-dirt to advertisements and it also doesn’t require root. It is available for free on Playstore. For non-Samsung users there an another app that does the same like Adblock fast. It’s the Adblock Web browser which is available for free on Google Play Store.

Aptoide (free):

Well Aptoide is basically an Android marketplace from where you can download apps and games for your android device. Similar to Play store, it features a whole new world inside. You can download and install those Apps which are not available on Play Store like Lucky Patcher, Tubemate, CMinstaller can be found here.

Aptoide basically works on repository system in which users can open their own store within the app itself and each store provides its own selection of unique apps and all apps are offered for free. You can also try out some user created apps that are only available on Aptoide which are also known as homebrews. These home-brews offers the same functionalities and features  that are available on any other Paid app on Play-store.

Aptoide App - New Market Place for Android

Aptoide App for Android

The apps are updated frequently and newer apps are added on daily basis. But most importantly whenever you download an app from Aptoide, you actually download the .apk file of the app. This means that you install, reinstall or share the app as many times as you want without the need of re-downloading the app which will save you a lot of time and data.

Although it’s not a replacement to Play store but Aptoide basically fixes all the problem and limitations that one might face with Play Store.

Facets (Buy for $1):

Facets is a wallpaper app that has tons and tons of premium wallpapers. Matter of fact is that a majority of these wallpapers are used by Youtubers. That’s right, most of the Youtubers get there unique set of wallpapers from this one app. You can find a huge collection of premium wallpapers that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the only paid app on the list but for just $1 it’s totally worth it. For just $1 you are getting around more that 360 premium wallpapers.

Facets Premium wallpaper Download App for Android

Facets Premium wallpaper Download App for Android

WallRox (free)

But if you are looking for something that’s free, than checkout Wallrox wallpapers app, which is the best free wallpaper app when it comes to getting access to thousand of free premium wallpapers. Wallpapers are categorized in Geometric, Material, Lines and landscape etc. So it makes it easy to find the one you are looking for. It has thousand of unique high definition wallpapers that are updated every week. So if you are looking for a huge collection of variety of modern wallpapers for your home-screen than do checkout Wallrox App.

WallRox Free Premium HD Wallpapers for Android

WallRox Free Premium HD Wallpapers for Android

Awesome Popup Video (free):

As the name suggests it’s the most awesome app for the people who like watching videos on Youtube. It’s basically a floating video player which plays video in a popup window floating over other applications. So it allows you to multi-task while watching videos on Youtube. Not only streaming videos on Youtube, you can also stream other on-line and offline content as well. You can also resize the floating videos and place it wherever you feel convenient like over the Menu buttons.

Awesome Popup Video App for Android

Awesome Popup Video App for Android

Although it’s not the perfect app as there are few bugs here and there but the pros rules over the cons. So its a must checkout app for everyone.

TINT (free)

Now some of few folks aksed me about the gradient wallpaper that i often used in the my device (See Screenshots). Well i don’t get them from anywhere, i  create them using the TINT app. The TINT app is a wallpaper creating app. Using TINT you can create your own cool gradient wallpapers by combining two colors of slightly different shades.

Tint - Make Gradient Wallpaper

Tint – Make Gradient Wallpaper

TINT features a palette containing all the colors in existence and you can choose which colors you want to blend and how you’ll like to orient the color to create your own set of wallpapers.This app is very easy to use, theres lot you can learn from this app. Using TINT you can even create a collection of your own Gradient wallpapers and share them with your freinds. So try experimenting with different shades to create your own cool and unique wallpapers using TINT app.

MSQRD (free):

MSQRD, well i don’t know what exactly that means but everyone is talking about this app and even celebrities are using this app. It’s a unique app that swaps your face and it’s so much fun. MSQRD basically morphs the face on top of your face and it look too much realistic. This hides your face and covers it with a mask of your choice available in MSQRD. There are so many morphs like gorilla morph or iron man helmet, Polar bear, Tiger etc.

MSQRD App for Android

MSQRD App for Android

What are your favourite Android apps? Did you like these apps we discussed above?Please let us know via comments below. If you still want to know about few other must have apps the please checkout following links:

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