With OnAir Player Access Your Music Library Anywhere

With OnAir Player Access Your Music Library Anywhere

by Ravi Singh
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Nowdays, you can have music on the go, made possible by online radios and live streaming. Alternatively, you can also move your music onto cloud-based lockers such as those provided by Google, Apple or Amazon

But if you aren’t keen on relying on the cloud for music, yet still want access to your entire library on all your devices, you should check out OnAir Player.

Access Your Music Library Anywhere With OnAir Player

OnAir Player is a music player that gives you access to all the music files on all your devices. As long as the player is installed on your devices, and these devices are connected to the Internet, you’ll be able to access and listen to your entire music library using any one of your devices.

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Compatible Devices

OnAir Player supports a number of platforms: Android, PC, Mac, Linux, Amazon Kindle Fire, Google TV and OUYA. The official website has a handy list of links to OnAir Player installers for most devices, although the Ouya and Kindle Fire versions have to be downloaded from their respective app stores.

OnAir Player also supports DLNA, so any internet-enabled TVs with support for DLNA will be detected by OnAir Player without the need for a native app.


Getting Started With OnAir Player

To use OnAir Player, you first have to install the app on each of the devices you wish to stream to or from.

Upon starting OnAir Player for the first time, you’ll be taken to a login screen. You can log in using your Facebook or Google accounts, or create a new OnAir Player account.

Access Your Music Library Anywhere With OnAir Player

Once registered, you’ll be taken to the main music view. To start off, you’ll be asked to locate music on the device you’re using. On phones and tablets, this should happen automatically provided your music is stored in the default “Music” folder. On desktop however, you will need to add music to the library yourself.

To do this, click the Locate music link, then navigate to the folder your music is stored in. If you want to add any music in the future, click Settings > Add Music, and navigate to the files you wish to add.

Access Your Music Library Anywhere With OnAir Player

To add music stored onto your other devices to the OnAir library, simply start the OnAir Player app on any device and log in using your account. All music stored on that device should appear in your OnAir Player library and be accessible on your other devices shortly after logging in.

Access Your Music Library Anywhere With OnAir Player

Using OnAir Player

There is a blue Stream To button in the lower right which will open a pop-up menu to select which device(s) the music will be streamed to. You can also change the volume for each device. Be aware that these devices will not play exactly in sync, though.

This option also allows you to use your Android device to control and play music on your desktop, and vice versa.

Access Your Music Library Anywhere With OnAir Player

OnAir Player has playlist support. You can create playlists by adding songs to them, or add songs to a playback queue. You can also mark songs as favorites.

Songs can be sorted via artist, album, song title and song length and favorites.

Access Your Music Library Anywhere With OnAir Player

There’s also a search function, especially useful for users with large music libraries. OnAir Player also lets you manage all your connected devices, although this extends only to renaming and selecting icons for the devices.

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Like all software, OnAir Player is not without its limitations. Firstly, there’s no iOS version since OnAir Player runs on Java (it may also be slightly laggy). You can access OnAir Player via a web interface on iOS, but this means that you won’t be able to access the music files stored locallyon your iPhone or iPad.

Despite giving you access to your local music files from any device, OnAir player is a very basic music player. It doesn’t even read track number information from the files, so songs are sorted alphabetically. It also lacks features such as a graphic equalizer and has no real customization options.


Despite its limitations, OnAir Player is definitely an interesting music player that brings something new to the table. By allowing you to access your music files anywhere and on any device, OnAir Player has made music truly portable. If you have a lot of music files and are tired of maintaining separate libraries for each of your devices, give OnAir Player a try.


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