How to Allow Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V For Copy-Pasting in Windows CMD

How to Allow Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V For Copy-Pasting in Windows CMD

by Ravi Singh
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CTRL+C /CTRL+V or we can say Copy-Paste is one of the most used shortcut keys in Windows and it makes you perform task faster. This feature is universal but it’s not available in Windows Command prompt. Now writing long codes in Windows CMD can be hectic for some and so we are here to show you how you can enable Copy-Paste in Windows Command Prompt. It’s really easy and can be done by changing few settings in CMD.Enable Copy-Paste in Windows CMD

How To Enable COPY-PASTE in Windows CMD:

  • First, Click on Windows button, type CMD in search bar or Just look under Windows System. When it appears, Right Click on it and Run as Admininstrator.Run CMD as Administrator
  • Next, Right click on the CMD windows Top and click on PropertiesCMD Properties
  • Now under Properties option you will see a tab “Experimental“, click on it.
  • Under Experimental, check folloing boxes: Enable Experimental Console Features (applies globally) and Enable new Ctrl key shortcuts.Enable Copy Paste in Command Prompt

That’s all. Once you’ve done this, you can start using CTRL+C and CTRL+V shortcut keys in Windows Command Prompt. You can customize command prompt using all the options available under “Properties” menu. Besides this,  using Windows Command prompt, you can find IP address of any website, format hard drives, repair corrupted memory card or Pen drive and activate admin console in Windows 10.

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