5 Best Android Browsers With Built-In VPN

5 Best Android Browsers With Built-In VPN

by Ravi Singh
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Free Android Web Browsers with Built In VPN

VPN or Virtual Private networks encrypts your internet activities and help hide your location. And if you are concerned about your privacy and security, a VPN is a must. VPN protects your data and hides all your online activities from prying eyes and thus, helps keep you safe online. A VPN becomes more important if you often use Public WiFi at places such as coffee shops, airports, etc.

In one of my previous video, I showed you how you can create your own personal VPN network and share with your friends. Here’s the complete guide,

In today’s video, we will be looking at the top 5 Android web browsers that come with a built-in VPN, so that you don’t need to install any extra app.

However, if you want, you may also install a separate VPN app on your Android as it works across your device. Here’s a list of 5 Free Secure VPN Apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

List of 5 Android Web Browsers With Unlimited VPN

Now all of these Android web browsers offer unlimited free VPN service with an option to upgrade. You can opt for the paid VPN subscription option if you want an uninterrupted and high-speed VPN connection.

Opera Browser with VPN

Opera Browser needs no introduction. It’s a popular web browser app that is available for Android phones also. It comes with a built-in VPN service which you can enable from the Settings. Once enabled, you can browse the internet safely. The VPN works in both normal and Private mode also known as incognito mode. And there is no bandwidth limit. However, you can set the location to only Asia Europe, and America with no further options.

Tor Browser

I personally use Tor Browser on my Android phone to access blocked websites in my region. Although Tor isn’t a VPN, it works just like a VPN and provides you complete anonymity. It routes the traffic through the Open source Tor network and uses multi-layer encryption to hide your identity and location online.

It also blocks the trackers and provides you access to the censored or blocked website in your region. It’s a completely free and open-source web browser available for Android devices. Again, there is no bandwidth or any other limitation in the Tor browser.

Aloha Browser

Aloha Browser for Android also comes with a free unlimited VPN service and provides features, such as AdBlock to block pop-ups and trackers, the faster-browsing speed with hardware acceleration, passcode protection, and a built-in media player with Chromecast support.

Although the VPN is free and unlimited, the free version doesn’t let you choose the server location.  To change the VPN server location, you need to purchase a subscription. The paid version lets you quickly chose the desired server in any region of your choice by just holding the tap on the VPN icon.

You can turn on-off VPN at a tap of this icon. Also, when you exit, the browser asks you if you want to clean your history with just a few taps.

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy browser also offers free built-in VPN but you need to install the VPN extension to enable the option. This also offers unlimited VPN bandwidth and provides you with options to choose proxy servers located in different countries, such as US UK Canada, France Germany, India, Netherlands, and Singapore.

One of the coolest features of Epic’s VPN is the no-log policy. So whatever you do is not recorded at all. To activate it, tap on the Mobile Extensions.

Avast Secure Web Browser

Avast Secure Browser is another Android web browser with free built-in VPN services. It offers more than 30 secure VPN locations worldwide. It also blocks ads and trackers automatically.  

This browser also comes with a built-in Video Downloader, password protection, and QR Code Scanner Although the VPN is free, it provides limited options.

To turn on VPN on Avast Secure Browser, tap on this shield at the top and tap on the VPN option to enable it.  The free version locks you on one of its servers and you can’t choose another location. But the free version offers unlimited bandwidth, which is sufficient for most users.

To unlock all locations and other VPN features, you need to purchase a subscription. The paid version also activates the VPN system-wide not just within the browser.

Wrapping Up

So those were some of the best Android Web browsers that comes with built-in free VPN service for more secure web browsing. In case I missed any, please comment below. If you find this video helpful, please hit like and also subscribe for more such videos. I will be back with another video soon, thanks for watching, have a good day!

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