Best PUBG Mobile Controller for Android and iOS 2019

Best PUBG Mobile Controller for Android and iOS 2019

by Ravi Singh
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Best PUBG Mobile Controller Android iOS

Today I have the WASP 2 Elite Edition from FlyDigi. This is a one-handed and best PUBG Mobile Controller for iOS and Android devices. The gamepad is specially designed for PUBG game players. Following the unboxing and setup guide for PUBG mobile controller.


Unboxing Best PUBG Mobile Controller by FlyDigi

The box is nicely packed and has some information, not much. It’s a Bluetooth controller and you can start by scanning the barcode from your Android or iOS device to install the Flydigi App. You may search and install it directly from Playstore or App store. The app is really important as without app, this controller won’t work. So make sure you install it.

It comes with a carrying case. This is neat. It’s a hard case. Perfect!

And the material is good. The Flydigi logo looks cool and the zipper is also of good quality.

Flydigi has done some really good work here by including this case.

Let’s see what else we got here, well nothing. I think this is it. Yes. This is it. Let’s open up this case.

Ok, so everything is in this case.

What’s this, oh. Looks like a switch controller. It’s a middle finger button that goes at the back of the controller. We will find out where it goes. Also, there’s an extra Joystick. And it’s different than what’s already on the controller. The one already attached is Convex while this one is Concave designed. So basically the Joystick is replaceable and you can choose what suits to your gameplay. Nice.

For now, let’s just keep them aside and take out other stuff that we have here.

This contains the charging cable and then we have the warranty card with thank you note and notice that asks to buy the controller only via official links. BTW, I have already mentioned the links in the description. So follow them to buy genuine WASP 2 Elite Edition one hand controller. Next, we have the user manual. It contains all information about the gamepad, setting up and troubleshooting steps With basic operation guide. The manual is not overwhelming and helps you quickly get started with the controller.

Now let’s just open up this bag, It contains a USB type C cable. OH did I forgot to mention that this gamepad is rechargeable and requires a USB Type C cable? The quality of this cable is decent, it’s flat, and length is about 0.8 meters, long enough.

About FlyDigi WASP 2- First Impressions

Now let’s get our hands on this one hand controller.

Wow. I must say that the quality of this controller is top-notch. Good quality of plastic is used and has a rubber grip at the back, it isn’t sticky but helps keep a hold on the controller.

Ban Proof PUBG One Hand Game Controller

It has this adjustable handle, which is cool.

So you can basically expand it and then put your phone between the handle and push it till it holds your phone nicely.

The grip is good and the device doesn’t fall off as you can see. It can hold devices up to 86MM wide. And there’s no need to remove case or screen protector. It works well.

Up to 86MM PUBG IOS or Android Mobile

It has a charging time of 1.5-2 hours and you can keep playing games for up to 80 hours which is insane.

This doesn’t vibrate.

FlyDigi WASP2 PUBG Controller Setup Guide

As I mentioned earlier, you need to install Flydigi app to get started. Open the app and then slide the switch to turn on the controller.

Then tap connect on Flydigi app.

Choose one hand controller from the available controllers and that’s it. The app will automatically connect to the controller.

But you can’t play any game with this controller as of now. This controller requires additional permissions. And for that, you must enable USB debugging.

On your Android, go to Settings>About phone and tap on Build number 7 times to enable Developer options. Then go to developers option and turn on USB debugging mode.

Now you need to connect the Wasp 2 controller to your Android via USB type C port. If your Android ahs Micro USB, you will need a Type C to Micro USB adapter.

NO Ban PUBG Game Controller

Tap activate and follow the instructions, basically once connected, you will get prompt on your Android, Check the circle and the allow the access. That’s it. Once the permission has been grated and the controller is activated, you can go ahead and play PUBG or any favorite game you like.

You can set up controls for each game and then play using this one hand controller.

And this is a one-time setup, from next time, you just need to turn on controller, open Flydigi app and launch your favorite game which is, of course, the PUBG and start playing.

One concern about this controller is that it may get you banned. However, that’s not true. This controller is safe and doesn’t get you banned on PUBG. It uses FlashPlay mode developed by Flydigi. It’s an algorithm that simulates finger touch and thus, there’s no need to worry about getting banned. I have been using this controller for about a week now and everything is normal. But my gameplay has definitely improved.

Middle Finger Trigger in PUBG Controller

With this controller, I am more now agile.

So that’s the unboxing and setup guide of WASP 2 Elite Edition. If you like it, follow the links in the description to buy it. It’s available worldwide via Aliexpress and costs 51 USD.

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Flydigi WASP 2 One-Handed PUBG Mobile Game Controller $56.99
  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Product Support
  • Price

Is it Worth Buying?

Yes, indeed! This one-handed gamepad is ban proof, which means you won’t get banned from PUBG mobile if you use this PUBG Mobile game controller. Besides, it’s the most affordable, high-quality and agile gamepad specially and exclusively designed for PUBG users. Though their app needs an update. For now, it’s good enough.

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