5 Brilliant Stuff You can Do With Your Android or iOS Smartphone

5 Brilliant Stuff You can Do With Your Android or iOS Smartphone

by Ravi Singh
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5 Brilliant Smartphone USes

Smartphones are called smart for a reason. Today smartphones are capable of computing like a PC or Laptop. These smartphones are equipped with sensors that can detect your heartbeat, proximity, Motion, Magnetic field, Infrared, etc. Some sensors are used by smartphone to operate it’s hardware and software while some of them can be used in the real environment. For e.g. to measure Distance or control devices with infrared sensors and much more. So today in this post we will show you top 5 brilliant things that you can do with your Smartphone running on Android or iOS from Apple.5 Brilliant Smartphone USes

Amazing Smartphone Hacks & Uses!

1. Measure A Distance With your Smartphone?

SizeUp is a digital tape measure that allows users to measure length, width, and height of a surface by moving their phone in the air from point to point!
With an easy to use interface you can measure anything, just place your smartphone on the surface you wish to measure, click the “Start” button, lift the smartphone and move it quickly in a straight line to the endpoint and press the “Stop” button. That’s it!

2. Check if Your TV Remote is Working or If Your Remote Batteries are dead?

Check Remote's IR Sensor if it's working or not

You can use your smartphone camera to test and check if your TV/AC or any other IR Remote is working or not. Smartphone camera (or any other camera) can easily detect IR lights which we can’t see with our naked eyes. Just open camera app and the point the IR Led of Remote to the camera. Press any button on remote to check if it’s working or not.

If you see LED glowing on the smartphone screen (refer screenshot above), means your remote is working. If not, check your batteries are connected right. You can also check if your remote needs battery replacement. You can judge this by the intensity of the Light emitted by the remote. If it’s high and led glows well means batteries are fine. Otherwise, replace old batteries with new batteries.

3. Control Any Android device without Touching It

You can control your smartphone and it’s features without even touching it. I am not talking about voice control feature here. However, you can control your smartphone with voice control and that’s a way of using your device without actually touching it with the help of virtual assistants like Bixby, Google Assistant or SIRI in iOS.

Here we are talking about using your smartphone without touching it, using the proximity sensor. We can easily control Android with the help of Hand waves. this app is called Wave Control which uses the proximity sensor of your Smartphone. It’s one of the oldest apps and used by millions of users around the world. It’s available for both Android and iOS device for free. However, it comes with In-app purchases. So if you need more controls, you can upgrade it.

So what you can do with this app? Well, you can control your music or video playback and calls with waves of your hand over your phone or simply Control music with the screen off too and much more.

4. Send/Receive SMS from Your PC

MightyText is a wonderful communication app that allows you to text from your computer and sync with your Android phone & number. This app is available for Android only and it’s free. To use it, you need to install the MightyText app from PlayStore and then install the MightyText extension in your Web Browser. It’s similar to Web.Whatsapp.com where you can send and receive Whatsapp messages.With more than 7 Million users worldwide, this app, this app will never let you miss any notification from apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. You can even dismiss them right from your desktop.

You also get notifications about Device battery, Call notifications and schedule SMS. This app will definitely help you to be more productive. Good luck!

5. Make Better Decisions with the help of your Smartphone


Choice Map App

Decision Crafting and Choice Map are two different apps with the same motto. These apps help you make good decisions. It’s simple. The only difference between them is that Decision Crafting is available for Android while Choice Map is available only for iOS devices.

So if you are confused about a product or service or any decision in your life, you can take help of these apps. With the help of these apps, you can keep track of all up- and downsides of a decision you will make. Just tell the app what you care about and the app will automatically rank options by how likely they are to match your values.

decision mapper

Decision Crafting App for Android

Basically, these apps collect the information and show you the best choice instantly. So you can start by naming your options and finding criteria that characterize them. Set the emphasis based on how important a criterion is to you. Compare it with other options you have. So it’s recommended that you try this app and I think it might get a permanent space on your device. It’s a nice app.

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