Why to choose Cloud Hosting for your Website?

Cloud Hosting refers to as the hosting services for websites provided over virtual servers that possess virtualized resources from widespread network of physical web servers. These services are provided to the end users through numerous interconnected servers. This network of connected servers forms a cloud environment. In the competitive market era, it becomes the matter of discussion as to how and why to choose Cloud Hosting for your website?


To get this query answered, it is important to understand the advantages and other aspects that the Cloud Hosting environment offers in comparison to single server hosting. Cloud Hosting defines the ways to configure multiple servers such that they offers the most reliable, scalable, flexible and affordable network as well as web infrastructure.

In the web hosting market, there are wide-ranged computing technologies available and the service providers’ offers different service platforms to suit the variety of customers. Different advantages of Cloud Hosting or cloud computing over shared server approach are mentioned herein.

Why to choose Cloud Hosting for your Website?


Computer server’s inter-connectivity is the major advantage possessed by cloud hosting services. It allows the organizations and end users to carry out desired tasks from different locations.

Cost- benefits:

Another major aspect is the cost-cutting advantage that allows to move to the cheaper resources. The online software applications are regularly upgraded by the service providers; so the organizations need not spend extra income on purchasing the updated versions of these applications. The software and other resources are maintained by the providers   themselves.

Online- storage:

The cloud hosting environment helps saving data over cloud environment that further helps in accessing it from everywhere. The organizations do not have to carry crucial data along with while travelling or while relocating to another location. The data can simply be downloaded from cloud server irrespective of the location.


Cloud storage of crucial business information could protect data from falling into hackers’ arena. Cloud Hosting also provides the advantage of backup programs that helps saving data domestically as well, apart from the cloud environment.

So, if an ex-employee, however enables to sign-in to the web accounts to gain access to the important data or in case if data goes offline for any un-known reasons, the backup programs can be implemented and approached to access data.

Disaster Recovery:

Relying upon the cloud environment for hosting websites saves small to large sized organizations from implementing complex and appropriate recovery plans. The service providers generally look after all such issues and the organizations remain least bothered about any such affairs. In case of disaster recovery, the cloud environment is considered 10 times faster than the shared resources. Therefore, the issues are resolved in real time and much efficiently.

Apart from many advantages, there are several dis-advantages as well that must be considered while choosing cloud hosting services. These drawbacks are the risk of interrupted internet services or connections; limited resources that may sometimes obstruct user demands; security issues are the major concern as the service provider itself can get access to crucial data; privacy of business information as the data is available online.


At last, it can be concluded that though the Cloud Hosting services and environment provides extensive computing services to the organizations; these services are not fully secured and there always remains a loophole that may harm the security of data as well as the privacy of the organizations.

Therefore, the answer to the query as why to choose Cloud Hosting for your website is very much described by the above mentioned advantages. No doubts, every approach have its own advantages and drawbacks, but the 24 x 7 and everywhere accessibility are something that makes it worth practicing.

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Pankaj Jangir is a Website Designer and Developer. He makes a Facebook Auto Liker website. By using this website you can increase likes on your Facebook status, photo or comment.

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Written by Pankaj Jangir

Pankaj Jangir is a Website Designer and Developer. He makes a Facebook Auto Liker website. By using this website you can increase likes on your Facebook status, photo or comment.