How to Control and Hack any Wi-Fi Router via Any Android Phone (Root Required)

How to Control and Hack any Wi-Fi Router via Any Android Phone (Root Required)

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Controlling your Wireless network is not an easy task. One way to check who’s using WLAN is by login to router’s admin panel and check out no. of devices using your WLAN.

There’s also another way through which you can fully control any Wi-Fi router. You can boot everyone off on that network without letting them know. You don’t need internet access for this, all you need is a WLAN connection and you can have full control on that Wi-Fi router.

So today via this How to Guide, i will show you how you can protect your device and control Who’s Using Your Wi-Fi and Boot Them Off using any Android smartphone or tab.

Hack and Control Any Wi-Fi Network using Android Device

Before using this app, i was using Pixel NetCut app from Pixel group. It’s wasn’t working at all (atleast not on my device). I tried it on My S7 Edge but even when i turn off the access for a particular device, the device was still able to access internet. Pixel Netcut is also slow and many time hangs in between. But this app from works perfectly fine and It’s very quick.

When you open the Arcai’s Net Cut app, it straightaway takes you to main screen, scans all devices on Wi-Fi network you are connected, automatically and shows you all those devices connected to your WiFi network.

How it Works?

The Arcai’s NetCut app requires root access and is available in two versions.

  1. Basic or free which is supported by ads
  2. Pro or Paid version which removes ads and unlocks many more features like Fast Scan, Cut affect Gateway, Cut affect User, Fake Mac Address.

The Cut affect Gateway and Cut Affect User let’s you Cut off network between two network users within LAN. For example set one of the user as “gateways” , then cut off the other users, then those two users won’t be able to talk to each other. For eg. Apple TV, Google TV or Chromecast, just cut off the phone connection to these box or devices and this will disable features like screen cast.

Other features like, Quickly detect all network user in WiFi, even when your phone has no valid IP address or not been granted use WiFi internet. as long as you connected to any WiFi,’s netcut can work.

Arcai’s netCut also displays the type of device connected with manufacturer name. You may also Set and remember user’s name. So whenever this net work user appear online again with you on same network, you know it’s identity right away. To rename a device just Long press any network user name field and a pop up window will appear which will allow you input name for the user. You also have option to search devices by device name, brand name or ip address.

In the reports tab section you can see all the devices connected. It displays how much data each device is using in percentage. It represents reports beautifully in a round colorful graphical chart.

Better control over any Wi-Fi Network or Router

You can exit the app anytime and Netcut will still be on. It will keep doing the job it is suppose to do.
In the Pro version you can set the speed that other devices on your network can access. If you want to upgrade to pro version in case, it’s subscription based. 1Month pro membership will cost you a little over 1USD apprx while 1 year memebership will cost you 10 USD.

The best feature that i liked the most is that the Arcai’s NetCut app can also Detect attackers. If any one try to play arp spoof to you, you will be able to see who is attacking you from netcut directly. More oever, netcut will turn the attacker offline right away and secure your device from such attacks.

Overall, i loved Arcai’s Netcut app and it’s the best till now. As i stated earlier i have already used and tried other NetCut apps but this app works like a charm. So just give it a try, it’s available on PlayStore. Please let me know what you think about this app in the comments down below. You can also visit our YouTube Channel for more such How to guides. Please Subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already. Also Like, share and do follow us on facebook and twitter for quick updates.

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Khan Balaoch July 22, 2018 - 6:33 pm

How can I install it


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