How to Download Books from Scribd for Free- Is that Even Possible?

Scribd is a vast digital library of documents, e-books, and audiobooks. It’s a subscription-based service that lets you access more than 1 million titles and over 60 million documents. Think of it as a ‘Netflix of Books’ or ‘YouTube of Documents.’ In one of our most popular post, we shared how you can download Scribd documents for free using three different methods. The blog post has several thousand views with more than 80% positive feedback. So make sure you check out that post if you want to download documents from Scribd for free.

Is It Possible to Download Books from Scribd for Free?

Books from Scribd CANNOT be downloaded without a subscription. Even if you get the subscription, you will be limited to three books and one audiobook in a month. Besides, not all eBooks are available everywhere, means books are region specific just like Amazon Prime is. However, you can download as many music sheets & documents (PDFs, DOCs, & so forth) as you want (which is also possible without subscription).

This post clarifies that blogs and guides on the internet promising you to help download e-books from Scribd for free are LYING. We tried almost every technique that could probably let us download an e-book from Scribd, but they all failed. Therefore, the only way to access Scribd as of now is after paying a subscription fee of $8.99 per month, that is almost INR 550 -600.

What is the Alternative?

On the other hand, Kindle Unlimited subscription starts from INR 150 per month in India. For the U.S., it’s $9.99, but you will be able to access over 1 million titles that also include unlimited audiobooks, & cover most titles available on Scribd. However, the Kindle service is not worldwide.

For documents, you can rely on our favorite and widely appreciated guide— how to download almost any document from Scribd – 100% free.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not every title is available in every country (valid for both Scribd & Kindle) as we mentioned earlier too.

Which One is the Best?

Both Scribd & Kindle standout in one way or another. Scribd, on the one hand, has one of the largest and exclusive book collection but has a limitation of up to 3 books and 1 audiobook while Kindle offers unlimited access to their more than 1 million book and audiobooks which is a huge plus for Kindle.

Kindle vs Scribd?
Source: Pixabay

Besides, if you have ever used a Kindle e-reader, you know how soothing it is to read on such a wonderful display, which is specially designed for e-Books. It does make more sense buying a Kindle subscription than Scribd. However, you are going to miss many publishers exclusive on Scribd.


We at TechPosts recommend you to buy a subscription, on either Scribd or Kindle, whichever you prefer. That way you will be supporting the platform that helps such creators & writers reach to a vast audience like you and helps the author to write more and create more. When you try to access these books through piracy or any other unethical way, it harms the creators, especially the emerging ones who need your support. It takes a lot of time and efforts to write. Value them and help create more.

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