Enable Game Power Mode option in Samsung One UI 3.0/3.1

In Oreo, people loved the Game Power Mode as it boosts the performance of the device, puts the device on DND mode so that you can play your games uninterruptedly, etc.

It was indeed a great feature for the Mobile Gamers who own a budget or flagship Samsung Galaxy device. But then the Samsung One UI based on the Android Pie update arrived. The Game Power Mode, all of a sudden was gone or hidden which people were not able to find.

Samsung One UI also removed some amazing MultiWindow features, moved the clock to the left which looked weird to some users. Well, the good news is that you can bring back lost features back on Samsung One UI. I have created a few quick guides on how to customize the navigation bar, Change Clock position, and how you can use the advanced multi-window options in Samsung one UI. If you missed all those videos, watch the video guides below:

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How to Enable Game mode in Samsung One UI

Now let’s get to the point of enabling the Game Power Mode in Samsung one UI. Well, the process is simple.

All you have to do is

  • Open Galaxy Apps
  • Install Good Lock app. In case it’s now available, follow this post on how to use Good Lock in Countries with restrictions.
  • After installing Good Lock, Open the app and tap on Routines
  • Install the plugin and then go back to Good Lock app
  • Now tap Routine once again and this time it will take you to the settings
  • Tap See All and then, tap on Game Time
  • Choose the Game APK and then choose the PowerSaving plan in Action tab
  • When you click Action, you will see Game as a power mode. Select it and launch the Game
  • You will see huge improvements over normal modes.

[VIDEO GUIDE] Enable Game Power Mode option in Samsug one UI

BTW you can do a hell of lot of stuff with routine, check out the app, it’s really amazing. Just look at this, if I open up my buds, they get automatically paired and the device gets unlocked instantaneously. What’s more, is my favorite music player starts automatically and begins playing songs. Similarly, you can choose a location with a condition like if I am here, keep my phone silent. Cool stuff, right?

The things are, Smartphones are too smart but to use these flagships up to their full potential is totally up to the user. After knowing such great options and features about your phone, I am sure you must be feeling like Unlocking the real power of the device.

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