Firefox Focus – Fastest & Most Secure Android/iOS Web Browser by Firefox

The Firfox Focus browser is already available for iOS devices like iPhones but for Android, Firefox hasn’t released it. But there is source code available on GitHub, so if you want, you can compile the apk and install on your Android. To make it more easy, we have already did that and uploaded to cloud, so you can download and install Firefox Focus on your Android. But what’s so special about this Firefox Focus Browser, let’s find out,

What is Firefox Focus Browser?

The Firefox Focus Browser is a very simple yet a powerful Web Browsing app available today. With Focus, you can browse with peace of mind, feeling confident in the knowledge that you can instantly erase your sessions with a single tap – yes, no fancy menus needed. Firefox Focus Automatically Blocks Trackers. As a result, You’ll notice a performance boost on the many sites that track your behavior. But Firefox Focus also makes it easy to open your current site in either Firefox or Safari if you visit a site that doesn’t work because it is dependent on tracking, and if you don’t mind that kind of tracking.

Why Should i Use Firefox Focus Browser?

You can Easily erase your history, passwords and cookies, with just one tap, so you won’t get followed by things like unwanted ads.
But the question is why should i trust Focus browser when there are other browser availabale for the same. Answer is simple, because it’s backed by Mozilla, the non-profit that fights for your rights on the Web. If you know Mozilla, they believe everyone should have control over their lives online. That’s what they’ve been fighting for this since 1998.

Download Firefox Focus APK
Install Firefox Focus on iOS


So i trust Mozilla and I am using this browser on my Android device and i like its interface which is minimal and simple. I hope You like this video and if you did, Subscribe to our channel and Hit the like button. If you have any suggestions or feedbacks, please leave in the comments down below. Don’t forget to checkout our other videos on Android and iOS. I will be back with a new video soon, thanks for watching. Have a great day.

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