How To Fix Your Bricked Samsung Phone

How To Fix Your Bricked Samsung Phone

by Ravi Singh
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fix bricked android phone

Issues on the Samsung devices such as bricking are not new and are a serious concern. Samsung bricking issue can occur in situations where you tamper with the kernel that disturbs the ROM, or during the rooting of your mobile phone. A bricked phone is as good as an actual brick and cannot be used in any way.

In this article, we discuss a very simple way by which you can fix your Samsung phone. But before learning that, let us first understand a bit more about bricked devices.

What Does Bricking a Device Mean?

The term “bricking”, in simple words, means that your mobile device has turned into a brick (a quite expensive one, though!). A bricked device would not function properly or in some cases, it won’t even power on. “Bricking” usually means that the device is not in a state to be recovered through normal modes of recovery. Note that some people consider and call their device bricked due to the device hanging (or freezing) issue and you are not to be confused with that. A genuinely bricked device cannot be used for any purpose other than as a paperweight. You will know it’s a bricked device when you see one.

What Bricks A Samsung Device?

Most of the time, Samsung devices get bricked accidentally and not intentionally while overwriting their firmware. The overwriting of firmware happens during the OS updates of the device. If the firmware of a Samsung device is being updated and the process stops mid-way (for any reason such as power loss), there is a high chance that the device would have been bricked. This happens due to the half-overwritten firmware. This is exactly the reason why you see a warning saying “Do not shut the device down” while performing such updates.

Another reason for a Samsung device getting bricked is causing errors during the installation of third-party modifications such as third-party ROMs.

Is Your Samsung Device Really Bricked?

As mentioned above, most people get confused between a frozen device and a bricked device. Samsung bricking is when your device wouldn’t even turn on. It won’t perform its functions normally and will not boot up the way it is supposed to. Hence, it is said that it has become equivalent to a piece of brick that is completely useless to you.

If your Samsung device refuses to boot at all, you must know that it has turned into a Hard-Bricked device. This is the only symptom of a hard-bricked device while a soft-bricked device shows various symptoms. Some of the observations in a Soft-Bricked Samsung device are as follows:

  • The booting process gets stuck mid-way in a bricked Samsung device and restarts again and again. This is also commonly known as a Boot Loop.
  • The bricked Samsung device only shows the Bootloader in the Recovery Mode.
  • The device straight up boots to the Recovery Screen every time you switch it on.
hard bricked vs soft bricked ANdroid Phone

Unblocking Your Bricked Samsung Device

After reading the article till here, some of you must think that it is impossible to undo the damages caused to the Samsung device. Fortunately, there are a few ways by which you can fix the brick errors in Samsung devices as well as other Android devices. Some of these ways are given below.

Fix Bricked Samsung Devices via One Click Unbrick

Due to the sole reason that bricking of Samsung devices is very common and is becoming more and more frequent, developers have created a program that can cure all these. A well-known software called One Click Unbrick helps you fix your bricked Samsung device and brings it back to normal condition.

To use One Click Unbrick, follow these steps:

  1. On your PC, download and install One Click Unbrick. You can download it from here.
  2. With the help of a USB cable, connect your bricked Samsung device to the PC.
  3. Go to the folder where the software has been installed. 
  4. Navigate further to OneClick > heimdalloneclick > resources > HeimdallPackage.
run  HeimdallPackage
  1. You can either open the OpenClick.jar file or run the OneClickLoader.exe file as administrator.
launch oneclickloader file
  1. A new screen will appear. Click on the “unsoft brick” button. This will start the unbricking of your device.
unsoft brick android phone

As they say, good things take time. Kindly wait for the process to finish. Once it gets done, your device will have been unblocked and you will be able to use it smoothly. 

NOTE: Restart your device after the unblocking procedure is completed.


As you must have known by now, it is absurdly easy to fix a bricked Samsung device, provided your device must actually be bricked. It is not advisable to run any unblocking application on a non-bricked device. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you make sure that your mobile phone is not just a device that has hanged but indeed a bricked one. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a bricked device for ourselves waiting to be fixed. Catch you later!

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