How to Fix Xbox Double NAT Detected Issue | The Most Easy Way

How to Fix Xbox Double NAT Detected Issue | The Most Easy Way

by Ravi Singh
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In this guide, I will show how to fix Xbox Double NAT detected problem by simple troubleshooting technique that I figured out. Before this simple technique, I tried almost every way to resolve ‘NAT Type Moderate Double NAT detected‘. The technique will help you fix the Double NAT problem and change NAT Type from ‘Moderate‘ or ‘Strict‘ to ‘Open‘ in Xbox once and for all.

Recently, I faced a problem in my Xbox One S, which is a matter of concern for anyone who likes to play online multiplayer games or stream console games on their mobile device or PC.

When I first saw “Double NAT Detected” in my Xbox’s Network settings, I was really pissed. More because I was not able to fix it no matter what I tried.


In search of solutions to fix the Xbox Moderate NAT type issue, I went through every video and blog post on the internet.

I messed with my router configurations, reset it multiple times, troubled my service provider, and did every damn thing suggested on various forums that promised to fix the Double NAT problem in Xbox.

Unfortunately, none of them worked. Never!

But then I saw a video on YouTube. This video was an ordinary video where a dude told a few techniques, which surprisingly worked for many.

Though, that didn’t work for me. However, the video did help me figure out the problem and fix the issue on my Xbox One S.

And this should work on any Xbox One or Xbox One X. It doesn’t matter which country you are in. Soon I will upload a video guide also.

So let’s get to the solution to fix Double NAT problem in Xbox gaming consoles.

Method to Fix Xbox One Double NAT Detected

The process to fix Double NAT detected is simple. Login to your Xbox One S /X console and follow these steps,

You can also follow these steps to fix Strict NAT Type in Xbox One.

Step 1: Go to Settings> Network Settings and select ‘Go offline‘.

Go Offline Xbox

Step 2: Once the system is offline, navigate to Settings>Devices> Blu Ray > Persistent Storage and select clear persistent storage. If you own Xbox Digital Edition, you may skip this step.

Persistant Storage option Xbox

NOTE: I find this step irrelevant but there’s no harm in doing this. So just do it if the option is available.

Clear Persistent Storage

Don’t worry, this won’t affect your Xbox One. Clear the persistent Storage at least three times.

Step 3: Now simply restart your Xbox One (optional).

Step 4: Then go to Settings>Newtork Settings and select ‘Go Online‘. Your system will soon connect to the configured WiFi network.

At this moment, you will see NAT Type: Moderate Double NAT detected

Double NAT Wireless Connection Display

Step 5: Under Network Settings, go to Advanced Settings and select ‘Alternate port selection

Alternate Port Selection Xbox One

Step 6: Select Manual option and the choose a Service port number. Choose one at the top

Select Manual Xbox One

Step 7: Go back to Network Settings and wait for NAT Type to refresh. If you see Double NAT, go to ‘Advanced Settings>Alternate port selection again. Tap ‘Manual‘ and this time select a different port.

Service Port Selection Xbox One

Step 8: Go back to Network Settings and wait for NAT Type to refresh. This will fix the NAT type to from ‘Moderate Double NAT detected‘ to ‘Open

Console Streaming Results

If it didn’t, repeat the step again and choose the next Service port until you find the one that enables Open NAT type in your Xbox One console.

Do share what all you tried to fix the Double NAT problem and Strict NAT type in your Xbox One console before landing on this ultimate guide. The comment section is below.

Is Double NAT Issue Fixed?

This has worked for me and I assure you that this is going to work for almost everyone. In case it didn’t, watch this video.

This may help. This isn’t created by me but it really worked for many. I will upload a new video soon.


It doesn’t matter how much you know about computers, networking and hardware, etc. Sometimes simple tricks like this works like a charm!

I wrote this guide to help all Xbox One users who are facing the Double NAT detected issue on their console and desperately looking for a solution that actually works.

Coz I don’t want others to go through the annoyance and unnecessary hard work. This was a simple solution for a simple (but hard to fix) problem on the Xbox.

If your NAT Type is now ‘Open‘, do share this post and please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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