How to Handle Your Partition Easily with EaseUS Partition Master

How to Handle Your Partition Easily with EaseUS Partition Master

by Ravi Singh
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Windows 10 can have various problems with the disk space, especially if you have upgraded it from Windows 7 and kept the data on the PC. This happens because Windows 10 itself will take great amount of space and then multiple problems can occur. You can downgrade to Windows 7 if you used Windows 10 for a month, you can’t delete the old files because you will lose great memories and useful stuff etc.

If you want to solve your data storage problems in Windows 10, you can try partition manager software that will help you settle low disk space problems and manage the disk spaces easily on MBR and GPT disk. When Windows 10 shipped, such software was rare or not available at all. However, the popular producer of partition and data recovery software: EaseUS have quickly reacted offering software that is both useful and relevant for Windows 10 and to convert mbr to gpt in Windows 10.EaseUS Partition Manager

At its core, this software enables one basic functionality – transfer windows 10 to new hard drive and split the drives so they can have both free space for you to manage. This is especially important if you still want to dual boot windows 7 and keep the files from your old operating system. Not many software products offer this great functionality.Partition manager EaseUS

The software is free and you can get it on the official EaseUS website. Not only you can transfer windows 10 to new hard drive and dual boot windows 7, you can, as we said do other several different things.

  • You can convert MBR to GPT in Windows 10,
  • Optimize your computer for high performance,
  • Create WinPE that are bootable,
  • Copy and migrate operating systems and recover lost files.

So, this software is basically a 3-in-one software. Although the disk management and partition feature are its main functionality, the software can also offer copy and migration of disks and operating systems and also recover files that you’ve accidently deleted. The software is constantly updated, that means that all versions of Windows are included and you will get help for them.

There are more than 10 key features that this effective, light and useful software enables to the end user. Besides the fact that it converts mbr to gpt disk and vice versa, it can merge partitions into one, copy entire hard disk with Windows included, resize any type of partitions or even permanently wipe any hardrive.

Another important thing about this all-in-one software, besides the amazing set of useful features, is the fact that the software is light, fast and intuitive. You don’t need to be tech savvy to make use of it. For example, anyone can do complicated operations like transfer windows 10 to new hard drive with few simple clicks. That is one of the key advantages of this software over the other ones who are usually complicated. The best thing is that there are countless features for free, so if you find it useful you can get forever for a really affordable price.

Download EaseUS Partition Master

So this is how you can Handle Your Partition Easily with EaseUS Partition Master without loosing data. So if you liked this post, then we request you to please share this article and  Subscribe to us for more such How to Tech Guides on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux below or Connect with us to stay updated for more via Facebook,  Google+ and Twitter

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