Hands on Whatsapp's Material Design Update With Cool Animations and New UI

Hands on Whatsapp's Material Design Update With Cool Animations and New UI

by Ravi Singh
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Yes, Whatsapp has got all new material design update with the Cool animations, FABs and lots of purity. The update isn’t live on the Play Store yet, but we have all versions on APK Mirror ready for you to download. Of course you’re better off with the latest one, since that’s bound to have more bug fixes.

Functionality hasn’t changed, so you don’t need to re-teach your parents or tech-challenged friends how to use the app or find a certain option. It’s pretty in all the right ways that Material is with delightful animations but not overbearing.

Features of Whatsapp v 2.12.38 (Material Design Update)

The main interface with the three tabs is now bounded by a top menu bar with a uniform dark green color. The Menu bar collapses when you scroll down or from side to side, and the new icons for search, making a new call, sending a new message, and settings, are all white. A new circular white bubble indicator (not pictured) shows up next to the tab’s titles when there are unread messages or missed calls.

When viewing a contact’s or group’s details, a hero image is used with the most predominant color taken and applied to the transparent status bar. You can pull the image down to reveal it completely, or scroll to show more information.

The chat screen has got new colors with a smaller message box and a floating button to send a voice note that animates into a regular send button when you start typing.

When you record a voice note and decide to dismiss it, the red microphone jumps up and goes into a trashcan. It’s delightful.

The Settings have also been Materialized, with a cleaner layout, and selection boxes in the same hero color as the entire app.

WhatsApp did a pretty good job in giving all new modern look to the popular messaging app. The new interface won’t confuse any old-time user, but it will still delight avid Android fans who wanted a more modern design.

Let us know your thought about the new Material Design update of Whatsapp messenger, and for more Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux news, tips and updates, Connect with us to stay updated for more on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Download Whatsapp v 2.12.38 (Material Design Update) – Click Here

How to Install Whatsapp v 2.12.38 (Material Design):

  1. Tap the clock on the taskbar, tap the popout that appears, and then tap Settings. (Or Simply Go to settings menu)
  2. Scroll down the list and tap Security, then on the right, scroll down and tap Unknown sources. …
  3. Tap OK on the prompt that appears.
  4. Now Click on the Whatsapp APK file you downloaded and then click install.
  5. Enjoy!!

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