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How To Secure Windows OS From Cyber Attacks – 3 Easiest Way

If you are using Windows OS on your PC or Laptop and surfing internet with it, you are prone to the rapid growing threat of cyber-attack. It can be viruses, spyware, ransom ware, worms and malware there are hundreds of complicated cluster of cyber-attacks that can be a grave threat for a credulous and ill-advised internet user. The complexity involved in the consequences of these cyber-attacks have been increased drastically in past few years. As enhancement of technology by each passing day is not just improving lives, but also facilitating these evils on the internet to satisfy their negative intentions.

Now it not just your system or PC that is at risk of these cyber criminals, but your online information your data and personal information is also at huge risk. If you use internet regularly on your Windows OS, without being protected, then be ready for a serious damage not only to your hardware, but all your confidential data and information can be at major risk of cyber threat.

Secure Windows OS From Cyber Attacks
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How to Secure Windows in 3 Steps?

Windows usually come with an anti-virus within it. But that cannot cater all your security issues and especially online security, which has become of the major priority for all the internet users globally. Fortunately, we have several options to enhance the security of our Windows. We now can cater both security dimensions of the OS, security from any hardware damaging viruses and malware and from any online hacking and spamming attempts due to the leak of online information. We can highlight three most essential steps to secure your Windows OS as following;

  1. By using independent firewall software that is essential as windows firewall alone cannot handle all the potential security threats.
  2. Use a comprehensive anti-virus to battle off all the viruses, worms, malware, spywares etc.
  3. Use a secure VPN service for your windows online security protection, it the need for today’s ever growing security threat.

1-A Firewall Software

Windows has their built-in firewall security system that is not secure enough to battle the monstrous online threats. Independent firewall software can do this job in a better way. Zone Alarm is good option as the free package has basic firewall and screening option for all the internet applications. The free package also includes anti-phishing, identity protection applications and a back-up facility of 2GB. However, it has the full and high-end security package which covers all the security issues and offer much more security options. You can also read reviews of some other top-rated firewall software.

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2-Anti- Virus

Firewall alone is not enough to combat cyber-attacks. It’s just a part of security measure mandatory for all internet users globally. To fully protect your OS you need a good Anti-virus. There are numerous anti-virus options, but Avast is ranked top this year. It’s the comprehensive protection tool for your windows. Avast’s free package includes real time shields that monitors and scans different areas to look for any suspicious activities. The shield has protection covers for all files in your system. All programs running on the system, emails scanning; to detect any external threat or spam via emails, monitors browser’s activities. It blocks malicious websites, scans file sharing process for safe downloads, safeguard networks to block any worms or viruses traveling via networking. Overall scans the behavior of the system to alert and clean any suspicious activity from the system.

3-A Secure VPN Service

These two measures are essential to secure windows OS from potential threats. But online security threats are still to be catered and care for. One of the smartest way people adapting these days is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN is a sophisticated technology which acts as a camouflage. When you are using a good VPN service for your internet security, it basically hides your original login details from all the other people you are connecting to on a network. So any one prying eyes on your login details to use it against you would get nothing actually. A VPN creates a tunnel and encrypts all your online data that you send or receive through that tunnel. This makes you invisible among all the users. It’s the most smartest way to protect your online information and get the maximum level of internet security. If you are fond of downloading and sharing files then you must use windows VPN. Because these sites contain heavy traffic and many of them have these hackers and spammers who are always hunting their prey to get their negative intentions fulfilled. Any loophole is your security barrier can make their way easier towards their evil intentions.

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How VPN Works?

A VPN cuts off the access of any external threat that can harm your personal information, confidential data, and your financial information. Other than securing online security, a VPN has many more benefits like

  • it help employees to connect to office network
  • work from or from other remote locations,
  • you can bypass all censorship laws by using a VPN service,
  • it provides you access to the geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world like to all the famous online streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon etc.

A VPN is considered the only  secure way to protect your privacy from the mass surveillance programs of the governments in many developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc. According to mass surveillance, every single activity you do over internet is recorded and monitored by the government agencies like NSA and GCHQ in the name of National security. Its either your surfing history, your bank transactions, chat history, updates on social media network hence what not, you name it. Every tiny activity of every single internet user is under these spying eyes which I think is really a disturbing factor for all the privacy-minded people globally. It is really unfair to sabotage individual privacy for the sake of National security. I am sure there is much more valid reason for these actions.

Final Words

So all the steps and measures discussed above are crucial and mandatory when it comes to secure windows OS from cyber threats. Skipping one cause major threat to your system and make your online information fragile and vulnerable, obviously you don’t want that at all. With all the services and facilities available for you to enhance the protection level of your windows OS and your online security. I am sure you are left with no reason of not getting started with these steps to secure your Windows OS.

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