Add this YouTube Toolbox on Your Web browser to Enhace your YouTube Watching Experience

Add this YouTube Toolbox on Your Web browser to Enhace your YouTube Watching Experience

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Enable Hidden YouTube features

So today I have an interesting tutorial on the YouTube. Everyone loves watching videos on YouTube and for different purposes. People watch YouTube for entertainment, to learn things and share moments with their family, friends, and fans. So today, I will show you how you can enable some of the hidden features and controls on YouTube which you never knew existed. In Other words, we will be adding some new UI upgrades and tools to YouTube website. This works on all major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft edge, Opera, Maxthon, Dolphin, UC, and Qupzilla. And all these web browsers are available for Windows, Mac and Linux OS. So it doesn’t matter whether you are using Windows, MacBook or Linux PC. This will work on all devices. So let’s begin.Enable Hidden YouTube features

Top Features of YouTube+ for Web Browsers

This guide will help you enable tons of other YouTube features that you may use to enhance your YouTube watching experience. Some of them are:
– Play your videos in a pop-out window
– Turn off 60fps
– Navigate through videos frame by frame without having to pause
– Allow ads only in videos from your subscribed channels
– Blacklist entire channels from your suggestions and search results
– Make the player fill the entire browser with the Fullbrowser mode feature
– Player always visible where you want while reading the comments
– Play your most recent subscriptions in a playlist
– Reverse any playlist
– Control any playlist autoplay
– Take video screenshots and save them
– View and save the video thumbnail like old times
– Bring back the total number of videos uploaded by the creator
– Use the relative video post time to know quickly how old the video is

Enable YouTube+ Features on YouTube Desktop

So it’s fairly easy to do. All you need is a browser extension. I am using chrome so I will show you how to do it on chrome and it’s also one of the most popular and widely used web browsers. So go ahead, install the Extension according to the web browser you use. This is basically a script manager extension and using this extension, we will be running a custom script to enable Hidden YouTube features.

So I am installing Tampermonkey, it’s fairly nice, Firefox users might be aware of Greasemonkey which i’ve discussed in my post, How to Download Documents from Scribd for free. So it’s a fairly popular extension to run custom scripts.

Once you have installed the extension, make sure it is activated. Then use this link, it’s the universal link for all browsers. YouTube+ Script and features for Web browsersand hit install Script button when the page opens.Install Script
This will install the Youtube+ Script and it will automatically run whenever you open the YouTube website again. No need to restart the browser. So now when you open up the YouTube browser and browse or play any video, you will notice that some new buttons appearing just below the YouTube player.

YoUTube+ Desktopyoutube++ for chrome


You can use these buttons to Take screenshots, enable cinema mode in which everything in the back goes black, download the video thumbnail at full resolution, and the best feature, play youtube video in a floating window automatically. For more features and how to use this script, Check this link here:

So go ahead, install the script and enhance your YouTube watching experience. Hit Subscribe button now to get more updates on new HowTo videos. Like this video, share this video and comment your thoughts, suggestions, and feedbacks below. I will be back with a new how to guide soon. Thanks for watching, have a wonderful time.

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