How to Login to WordPress Website without Typing the Password

How to Login to WordPress Website without Typing the Password

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If you want your Self-hosted Wordpress blog to be more secure, then you need two-factor authentication in order to prevent hacking attempts. In two-factor authentication what happens is when you try to log into your Wordpress site,  you’ll need a one-time password which is sent to your phone, in addition to your existing WordPress username and password. Indeed, WordPress doesn’t come with two-factor authentication feature but there are many plugins that can be used to add an extra layer of security in your Wordpress site.

It might get time-consuming to enter username and password and then OTP for 2-Factor authentication if you run multiple blogs or website using Wordpress. Well, we recently came across a plugin called Clef which completely changes the way you log in to your Wordpress Site’s account. No need to type any password, you just need your phone and it works even if your phone is not connected to the internet.

How to Login to Wordpress Automatically

With just a wave of your phone, you can easily and securely log in to your site which feels like magic. This way you don’t need to worry about forgotten passwords or reset your password. With Clef installed, users can log out of their computer browsing session from anywhere in the world. With a single tap of the logout button on their mobile device, they’ll be logged out of your website.

  • To start, you need to install the Clef plugin on your WordPress site (install it using WordPress’s inbuilt plugin installer) or download from here.Clef-Settings-Wordpress-plugin2
  • Then, download the Clef app on your mobile phone. The app is available for both iPhone and Android phones.
  • When you activate the plugin you need to complete the setup wizard. After that Clef will replace the default login screen of your WordPress website with moving waves like animation and the same animation can be seen in your Clef mobile app also.
  • Now, scan these waves on your Desktop screen with Clef app on your phone and Tada!! You’re logged in instantly.clef-wave

As I said earlier this also works even if your Phone is not connected to the internet (how cool is that 🙂 ).

What if you want to login to WordPress site using the mobile web browser?

well in that case, when you open the login page, you don’t have to scan the “wave” instead of that you’ll be automatically redirected to the Clef app if it is installed in your phone and it will log you in. Now, how simple is that?

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What if i lost my Phone?

Worry not, you can always deactivate your mobile device from clef website. Visit and you can always log into your wordpress blog by using old method i.e. by entering username and password.

Premium features of Clef

Clef is free for unlimited users and logins. But if you want extra features like advanced fraud metrics then you’ll have to pay for that which is very reasonable and less than any other 2-factor authentocation. You can see pricing here

Other feature of Clef

There is a feature called True logins which adds a simple check when your users log into a new computer. After they sync the Wave, Clef temporarily redirects them to a safe site and asks a simple question to confirm they’re in the right place. This process is very simple but effective and keeps users safe from phishing. In case if anything looks suspicious, Clef cancels the login and sends them to a safe page to log in.

Final Words

Clef is a new simple, secure and gives you a magical way of logging into your wordpress site or accounts. And the best thing is that it’s free forever as it is made by the people like you for the people like you (Open-Source in simple words). Tell us what you think and how’s your experience with Clef in the comments below.

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