How to Recover Deleted Data in Mac without Backup [100% Working]

How to Recover Deleted Data in Mac without Backup [100% Working]

by Ravi Singh
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Recover deleted data from mac without Time machine backup

In this guide, we will discuss the easiest way to recover deleted data in Mac without Time machine backup from a macOS powered system such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, etc.

Recover deleted data from mac without Time machine backup

Data loss is inevitable—no matter how many precautions you take and safety tips you follow. It can happen due to accidental deletion, which is the most common reason for data loss in macOS. You may also lose data due to interruption while transferring the files to or from an external drive. Emptying trash directly can also lead to permanent deletion of some important file.

Other reasons such as unplugging drive without ejecting, hardware failure, software or system crash, force system shutdown, power failure, etc. can also lead to data loss in a Mac system.

As a safety measure, MacBook and iMac come with an inbuilt backup utility called Time Machine. One can use the Time Machine utility to create scheduled system backup on an external hard drive. These time machine backups help you to recover your accidentally deleted and lost files from macOS and supported drives.

But what if time-machine backup isn’t available? Is there a way to recover accidentally deleted files from Mac without time-machine backup? Well, indeed there is a secure way of recovering deleted files in Mac.

Steps to Recover Deleted Data in Mac without Time Machine Backup

Step 1: Check Trash

  1. Open Trash folder and restore your files. User Name, Date Modified, Size and Kind filters to find your files
  2. Alternatively, you can also use the Search Box to immediately locate your files
  3. Right-click on the desired file or folder and click “PutBack” for quick file recovery.

Recovering deleted Mac files from Trash is easy & free, however, it requires quick action to recover maximum data.

Step 2: Recover from Emptied Trash

Download and install EaseUS free Data Recovery software and then follow the three-step data recovery from any Mac system or supported hard drive.

Step 1. Select the storage media from where you lost data and files. Then, click the Scan button.

recover deleted files from mac

Step 2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac will immediately scan your selected disk volume and display the scanning results on the left pane.

Run data recovery scan to get back every bit of lost data

Step 3. In the scan results, select the file(s) and click Recover Now button to have them back.

Save recovered files

Tips to Prevent Data Loss

  • Maintain a regular backup on the cloud and local storage
  • Turn ON Recycle Bin in Android File Manager app like ES Explorer
  • Always unmount the SD card for safe removal
  • Turn off the device before ejecting the memory card
  • If the device prompts to format the card, immediately take it out and run a CHKDSK scan to repair
  • If SD or CF card is not repaired, quickly recover data by using a Data Recovery Software
  • Do not connect SD card to non-trusted PCs
  • Always scan the SD card with Anti-virus before accessing the contained files


Backups are important! To prevent permanent data loss, always take a backup of your important files that you can’t afford to lose. Use the Time Machine utility to create scheduled and automatic backups on your external storage and network drive effortlessly.

However, if time machine backup isn’t available, use data recovery software to recover up to 2GB data for free. If you wish to recover more than 2GB data, get the license from the website and recover unlimited files from your Mac anytime and from anywhere in the world.

The software can recover files lost from Mac system lost due to accidental deletion, trash empty, malware infection, system crash, abrupt shutdown, unsafe drive removal, etc. The software can also recover files from a corrupt Mac partition and lost or deleted Mac volumes.

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