How to Stream Windows 8 to iPad and Android

Stream Windows 8 to iPad, How ?

In this How to Guide we will show you How you can Stream Windows 8 to iPad or iPhone and Android device. With this method you can stream your PC’s screen as a whole and control it remotely through many free software available for windows, ios and android. Compared to other methods, this is relatively easier as you will only have to deal with installing the software and apps and once they have been installed, you can start streaming your PC’s screen onto your iPad, iPhone or Android device.

stream windows 8 to ipda and android



The steps to be followed are almost same for Both Android and iOS (iPad/iPhone), Here we’ll show you streaming to Android Device (Nexus 4).

The Splashtop streaming suite consists of two software, one is the “Splashtop streamer” which you install on your windows PC and the second one is the “Splashtop Remote Desktop” application you must install on any android device or iOS device. With the help of these two apps, you will be able to stream your PC’s screen on android or iOS device and Control it remotely.

Follow the Instructions shown in the following Video and stream your PC’s screen on your android phone or on iPad or iPhone and remotely control it.:

Please Note: Splashtop streamer can easily stream Windows 8 to iPad and android smartphone, however the screen size may be a problem for people with big fingers. Which is why i would recommend you to use a android tablet and iPad instead of Android Phoneor iPhone.


Moreover,the controls will be similar to what they are on windows. However here you will need to tap on your android device’s display instead of clicking on the cursor.

Now that you are aware of this handy little app to stream your PC’s screen on a android device, go ahead and try out all the possibilities that the splashtop streamer is capable of and share with us in the comments below if you find something interesting or useful.

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Splashtop Streamer for Android

Splashtop Streamer for Windows

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