How to Use Any Android Phone or Tab as a Wireless Microphone

How to Use Any Android Phone or Tab as a Wireless Microphone

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Hey Guys, Welcome to the New HowTo Guide from and today via this tutorial i’m going to show you how you can use your Android Phone or Tab as a Wireless Microphone for your Computer. Sounds amazing, Right??? If you have an old android phone which you think is not much of use, will be usable from now. Also, you need not to spend time and money to buy a Microphone for your PC or Mac . So, let’s go ahead and start the tutorial.

Using Android Phone as Wireless Microphone -Techposts

Using Android Phone as Wireless Microphone -Techposts

To start with this guide, first thing we need is a Android Mobile Application called Wo Mic. There are both Free and Paid versions for USD $3.99 available on Google Play Store. Paid version gives you adfree environment and better improved audio quality. Although similar applications are available on Google Play Store, but Wo Mic seems to have best interface and it’s the most recently updated application. The connection between PC and Android phone can be established via USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi. Whereas connectivity with Mac is limited to Wi-Fi only.

About Wo Mic app:

WO Mic can turn any Android into a wireless microphone for your PC or Mac. You can use it daily for talking, voice remote control, recording, voice chatting and many other activities or incase when your mic is broken :p. It has nearly unnoticeable lag which means it works just like an ACTUAL microphone devices.

Using Android As Wireless Mic – Steps:

With addition to this app you also need to install the Client package for either Windows or Mac. You can download the Client package from this link.

  • So once that you’ve installed the application on your Android device, go ahead and launch the application and enter the settings option.

    Settings Menu in WO Mic Android App -Techposts

    Settings Menu in WO Mic Android App -Techposts

  • Select Transport option to Wi-Fi. You can also edit the Control Port and Media port if you want to do so. Along with this you can also select the audio source. For eg. Camcorders. Mic, Voice call or whatever you are going to be using this for. We will select here Mic for now.

    Choosing Audio Source and Transport - USB, Bluetooth or WiFi -Techposts

    Choosing Audio Source and Transport – USB, Bluetooth or WiFi -Techposts

  • Go back to the main screen of app and then note down the IP address shown at the top of microphone and then hit START.

    WO Mic Home Screen - IP Address -Techposts

    WO Mic Home Screen – IP Address -Techposts

  • Next, Go to your Computer to install the Client package. Links are already provided. Once installed, launch the Client on your PC.

    WO Mic Client App for PC and Mac

    WO Mic Client App for PC and Mac

  • Next, on the screen enter the IP address that was provided within the app and hit on CONNECT button.

For Windows users, make sure driver installed successfully. It takes li’l time when you install drivers. Also, if you want to listen audio via PC speakers, you will have to click on Options (in client app) and select Play in Speaker (see screenshot).

WO Mic Client

WO Mic Client

Now if you want to test it out, go ahead and Check. That’s it. It’s as simple as 1,2,3. You can test it out and we found it working pretty well. You may have to adjust the settings a bit inside the app you are using. Other than that it’s pretty useful and cheap alternative to your broken Mic. You can try the free version before buying the Pro.


Hope you liked this Howto Guide on using Android device as a Wireless Microphone or Mic. Again, please for more such How to guides, tech updates and much more like/follow us on Twitter, facebook or Google+. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates on new how-to guides. We would appreciate if you share this article. We’ll be back with new Howto Guide soon.

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