How to Increase Internal Storage of Any Android Phone

How to Increase Internal Storage of Any Android Phone

by Ravi Singh
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This post is all about How to format your memory card, to use it as a internal memory and removable media at the same time without Root. This way, you can increase internal storage significantly and the performance of your Android device. So let’s get started,

Use Memory Card as Internal Storage and External Storage at the same time

You don’t need root access or rooted device and It works on any android device running on Marshmallow. I will do it on my Moto G5 Plus 16GB model and will add more internal space to it so that i can install many more apps and games on this device.

For demo, i will not use my 32GB sdcard, instead i will use a 2GB card to show you guys how it all works. You can restore your card anytime you want and this process is pretty fast and secure.

  • So first, Make sure your card is formatted and it doesn’t have any data. backup your data if required.
  • Then, just turn on the USB debugging inside Developer options and then just go ahead connect the cabel to your Windows PC.
  • Now Run this CMD file. On the cmd window, you will see these three Formatting options.

The first one will divide your memory card storage in 25and 75% ratio. For eg. I have this 2GB card so if i choose option one, i will get around 500MB as internal storage and the rest space will be used as SDCard storage.

Similarly, If you choose 2, it will divide your memory card in 50-50 ratio. 1GB for internal storage and 1 GB as Sd card storage here.
And the 3rd one will format your sd card in 75% internal storage and 25% external SDcard storage. Watch Video Tutorial for more info.


Now this formatted card’s volume will act as internal storage and can be used to install apps and games just like that. So, If your Android device is low on space, go ahead use this method to increase internal storage of your Android device. Don’t forget to subscribe my channel for More Howto guides and Hacks related to Android and iPhone. Make sure you do comment your suggestion and feedbacks.


Aveesh April 16, 2017 - 6:13 am

Thx for This Ravi – super useful! Will try it – anything similar for Android 5.0 devices?

Dipankar Pal April 16, 2017 - 7:36 am

Where is the CMD file? I did not get the CMD file to run the commands! No link was available either!

Ravi Singh April 18, 2017 - 12:48 pm

Thanks for letting us know. I apolologize for this, link is now updated. Good Luck!


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