How to Install and Run Two WhatsApp Accounts in Single Android – 100% Safe and Working

How to Install and Run Two WhatsApp Accounts in Single Android – 100% Safe and Working

by Ravi Singh
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Install and Run Multiple Whatsapp Accounts in One Android

Dual WhatsApp Account without Root in Android

This is trick or How to guide is for the people who wants to run two WhatsApp (Dual WhatsAapp) on their Android device. Reasons could be many but the most frequent one is that you have a Dual Sim Android device or you have changed your current contact no. but don’t want to loose the older one etc. So today i came out with this trick which solves this issue and believe me it’s 100% safe and secure method. If you haven’t got any success installing 2 whatsapp accounts on single Android then this guide is for you.

The best part is that you don’t need Root access as most of the guides on the web asks for root access. we are also not using OG Whatsapp which is a buggy app and always gives errors at somepoint. So let’s start with the guide on Multiple WhatsApp accounts on any Android DeviceInstall and Run Multiple Whatsapp Accounts in One Android

Run Two Whatsapp in One Android

Before we start with the Dual Whatsapp installation Guide, let me list few important features and some advantages of installing two different WhatsApp accounts on a Single Android device. Also we are going to show you two different methods of installing and running dual or Multiple Whatsapp accounts in any Android device. Method 1 will be for device with NO ROOT while method two is for people who have root access and they will be able to run more than two Whatsapp accounts in one Android.

  • No Root Needed
  • No Obsolute Error like Og Whatsapp
  • Working Smooth
  • Latest APK Updated
  • Calling Feature Preactivated
  • Material Design
  • Hide Last Seen like Whatsapp Plus
  • Hide Blue Tick, Second Tick, Typing for Chat, Groups
  • Copy Messages without Date & Time (No Bug like Normal Whatsapp)
  • Share Big Files with Less limit
  • Custom Icon
  • Better Looking & Some MODs
  • Anti ban enabled – No Ban Issues like Whatsapp Plus
  • Calling feature enabled – No Need to Worry About calling Feature
  • Updated design with bug fixes – Fully Stable. All things & features working.
  • Latest mod – Including With All new features of whatsapp
  • latest whatsapp mod Released (Based on Latest Version)
  • Android Mobile Phone
  • Whatsmapp apk (Download Link Below)
  • Works With Rooted and Non Rooted Both Phones.
  • Any Working Internet Connection 2g/3g/4g/wifi
  • Common Sense for Understand This Easy Guide

Method 1 for Installing Two working WhatsApp Accounts

1. Download    GB WhatsApp on your Android device and install it by Enabling “UNKNOWN SOURCES”.Install GB Whatsapp

2. Now open it. Find “Whatsapp” (new one) in app drawer and open it. GB Whatsapp

3. Next, login using your another mobile number for secondary Whatsapp account. I am assuming that the original WhatsApp is already logged in. Sign Up GB Whatsapp Dual Whatsapp

4. You will receive the OTP, enter it or it may automatically retrieve it. After this verification, you will be able to use secondary Whatsapp account on the same device without root. Two accounts : a) Original Whatsapp and b)New Whatsapp

So it was that simple to install and run 2 Whatsapp accounts with different mobile numbers in single Android device. This was method 1 that i explained, let’s go ahead and let me show you the another method for running Dual or even multiple Whatsapp accounts in any Android device.

Method 2: Run Multiple Whatsapp Accounts in Rooted Android Device

1. Download and install 2 Lines for Wassapp.Install 2lines for wassap

2. Now open the 2 Line for Wassapp and Grant root permissions when prompted.Grant Root access for Multiple Whatsapp accounts

3. Tap on “+ Add a new line to Wassapp” and login using Another Mobile no.2lines for wassap add new whatsapp

This method can be used to run more than two or say multiple WhatsApp accounts in any android device with root access. If you device is not rooted, i recommend you to please read this guide on The easiest way to Root any Android Device without a PC 2016.

You can switch between multiple Whatsapp accounts using the 2Lines for Wassapp. It’s really easy and safe. You can even lock the 2Lines for wassap for unathorised access to your multiple Whatsapp accounts in 2Lines for Wassap via settings.Security for 2lines for whatsapp

This was all in how you can install and run dual or multiple Whatsapp accounts in one Android device without root. I hope this guide has helped you and if it has, please share Techposts and Subscribe us for more such how to guides and more tricks. Also Like or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for instant Tech Updates. This was the easieast and simplet working method explained for running 2 whatsapp accounts in single Android device.

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