How to Install Tweaked iOS Apps on iPhone or ipad without Jailbreak

Jailbreak is NOT Required. But we will need some Hacked, tweaked or modded iOS apps like YouTube++ or Facebook++, Instagram++, whatsapp++ etc. and a tool called Cydia Impactor. Links are in the description. Just download and extract the cydia impactor, then go to the folder and run Cydia impactor app. You also need an itunes account or iCloud account that we will use to sign the apps and install on our iPhone or iPad.

 Installing Tweaked iOS Apps on iPhone

Download Cydia Impactor

Download Tweaked Apps

  • Just drag and drop the .ipa file on cydia impactor tool,
  • make sure your iOS device is connected to system and is visible in Cydia Impactor.
  • Then enter your iCloud or iTunes Email hit enter and then password, hit enter.

Watch This Video Tutorial:

Now just wait for few seconds as this tool will sign these apps using your itunes account. These apps are unsigned so if you try to install them using iTunes, they will install but the will disappear from screen after installation. So signing these app is important and so we are using Cydia Impactor.

Now soon you will notice a new app icon your iPhone’s screen. It may be Youtube++ or Whatsapp++ or whichever you choose to install.
Now this process is pretty quick if you enter your Email and password correctly.

There are so many Modded apps or i should say tweaked apps available for iOS device and you can install these apps without Jailbreak.
So just go ahead, choose your favourite Modded iOS app and install it on your iPhone or iPad and enjoy.

One thing to note here is that you need to add the Your Email profile as trusted under General settings< Profile & Management.

Also there’s this limit of signing upto 10 apps in a day. So if you want to install more, wait for 24hrs. Then there’s this limit of 1 week for which these apps will work. After that it will not work and you will be required to sign these apps again.

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