Installing Mario Live Wallpaper with Side-Scrolling Action for Your Home or Lock Screen

Installing Mario Live Wallpaper with Side-Scrolling Action for Your Home or Lock Screen

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This is a live wallpaper of Mario playing randomly generated levels. Every once in a while, a level ends and a new one begins. Super Mario live wallpaper is supported by Android 2.1 and up. He plays through a couple of levels, and you can tweak the settings to show the paths that Mario is thinking about taking. It’s all brought to you by pikipirs at XDA Developers, so drop a dime or two in the collection plate if you feel like it. Let’s install Classic Side-Scrolling Live Mario Wallpaper for Your Lock-screen and Home-screen :

Step 1: Installing Mario Live Wallpaper App

You’ll need to install Mario Live wallpaper app manually by allowing the installation of apps from “Unknown sources” in the Security settings on your Android. Reason is Mario Live Wallpaper (created by Cvetko Pirš), is not available in the Google Play Store.
Next, download MarioLiveWallpaper.apk on your Android device, then open the file and follow the on-screen installation directions.

mario-live-wallpaper-classic-side-scrolling-action-for-your-home-lock-screen.w654 -Techposts

2015-06-26 12_22_12-Mario Live Wallpaper_ Classic Side-Scrolling Action for Your Home or Lock Screen -Techposts

Step 2: Select Mario Live Wallpaper

Since this is just a live wallpaper, you can’t open it directly after installation, so hit “Done”. Now go to settings>Display>wallpaper>Live Wallpaper and you’ll see Mario Live Wallpaper as an option in the list. Make sure to set it up properly before you “set” it. In case if you don’t see “Live Wallpapers” option in the “Select wallpaper from” menu then your device probably doesn’t support Live Wallpapers.

Step 3: Adjusting Mario Live Wallpaper

You can adjust the color of the backdrop in the simulated Super Mario Bros. game, frames per second, and more. There are also two operating modes to choose from: “Playback” and “AI” mode.

Playback mode uses prerecorded plays which save battery while AI mode makes Mario smart, but at the same time it consumes MUCH MORE BATTERY, and also might not work correctly on some older devices due to lack of memory and processing power. So, if you want to save battery power then turn the AI Mode off or if you absolutely want it, you can disable course background and decrease FPS to remedy the issue.

Once applied as Wallpaper you can see it right from your home or lock screen (unless you’re rooted). If you liked this post then do share it and tell us if you liked Mario Live Wallpaper or not via comments below. Also, don’t forget to Subscribe us and stay tuned with us for latest technology news, Updates and How to guides from Techposts. 

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