iPhone 6 with iOS8 Release Date – News and Features

iPhone 6 with iOS8 Release Date – News and Features

by Ravi Singh
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hey friends we have already discussed about the iphones in our older post,that is  How to Update Your iPhones, iPads or iPods Touch

iphone 5s and iphone 5c has satisfied all the iphone lovers with their awesome features,now its time for go a step ahead with a full new features and updated iOS8 will be available in iphone6.It’s been suggested that there could even be three models of iphone 6, calls iphone6 mini,iphone6 and iphone6 xl.

iphone 6 release date

The iPhone 6 release date will be in 2014. It will follow the iPhone 5S which will be released at the end of this week.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek says that there will be a june 2014 release for the iPhone 6.and if we talk about the features of this iphone it will definetly unbeatable & full of new mind popping features.

iphone6 Features

  • The iphone6 will finally do NFC we can see now most of the expensive Android phones have NFC features,so how can be iphone left this awesome feature of sharing.
  • iphone6 will run on iOS8 after the sucess of iOS7, definetly the new iphone6 will be updated with iOS8 with a new updated features.We’d expect a September or October release date for iOS 8 in line with previous releases.
  • iphone6 storage We’ve already seen a 128gb ipads, so why not a 128GB iPhone 6? Yes, it’ll cost a fortune, but high-spending early adopters love this stuff.
  • iphone6 screen The Retina+ Sharp IGZO display,would have a 1080p Full HD resolution, will have a 4.8-inch display,also there would be 4.7 and 5.7-inch versions.
  • iphone6 processor  the processor will be a quad-core A8 or an evolved A7. The big sell here is more power with better efficiency, which should help battery life.Apple is apparently cutting the amount of A8 processors it is having made by Samsung,although it hasn’t severed ties completely just yet.
  • iphone6 camera this feature will have a huge change in this Apple’s handset,iphone6 will have a 13 mega pixel camera with lots of sensors.and we can capture  highly detailed pictures with ease.

Also more features like eye trackingwireless charging etc.Rumors says that iphone6 could be a 3D compatible,also run on the gestures control like Apple’s new Touch ID finger print tech.


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