How to free up space when iPhone or iPad's storage almost full?

What will you do when your iPhone storage is full? You may read a lot of threads on how to increase iPhone storage. The solution might be such as delete large size of video or photos, backup large files on iCloud or in iTunes, or change iPhone settings, etc. Forget those outdated ways to free up iOS space manually, troublesome as well as time consuming.

free up space when iPhone or iPad’s storage almost full

free up space when iPhone or iPad’s storage almost full

iMyfone Umate for Windows (iMyfone Umate for Mac also available), specially researched and well developed, will know where and how your iPhone storage is used with its over 25 analysis technology. It will help you free up tons of storage by securely cleaning junk files, clearing temporary files, compressing & deleting photos, selectively deleting large files and managing apps. This iPhone cleaner lets you do everything automatically.

iMyfone Umate works perfectly for windows and Mac systems and has had favorable ratings from top reviewers like Cult of Mac, Lifehack, Softpedia, Cnet, Softonic and a lot more.

How to free up iPhone storage with iMyfone Umate?

iMyfone Umate is a simple and easy to use iPhone cleaner. With only steps, it will reclaim huge space for your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your computer.

Connect iPhone or iPad to your PC

Connect iPhone or iPad to your PC

You can do it by connecting through the help of a cable. But remember that you have to install the software on your computer. After the connection, you will see the software home interface.

Step 2: Click “Quick Scan” button. The analyzing technology built into the software will scan and carry out a smart analysis of your iPhone space.

iPhone or iPad Connected to Your PC

iPhone or iPad Connected to Your PC

Step 3. Click the “Clean” buttons to release space for your iPhone

  • Clean Junk and temporary files to release space with only one click.

    Quick Scan will Scanned Junk Files not Needed

    Quick Scan will Scanned Junk/Temp Files not Needed

Click the “Clean” button. The software will start to clear junk and temporary files for your iPhone.

  • Clean photos to reclaim 75% Photos’ SpaceAfter Scan, Click Clean Button to Free Up Space

The software can increase your iPhone storage by compressing photos. The compressed photos has no quality loss. Apart from that, the software will let you back up your photos on your computer before compressing. No worries about the photo quality.

Clean Your iPhone or iPad after Scan and Bcakup completed

Clean Your iPhone or iPad after Scan and Backup completed

  • Click the third “Clean” button.
Clean Your iPhone or iPad

Clean Your iPhone or iPad

And then click “Backup & Compress”. All your photos will be backed up from your iPhone to your computer firstly, and then the software will compress your photos without quality loss.

After Scan, Click Clean Button to Free Up Space

Finally, the software will tell you how much space has been released by compressing photos.

3) Selectively delete large files and unnecessary Apps to regain iPhone space.

Clean Your iPhone or iPad after Scan and Bcakup completed

Clean Your iPhone or iPad after Scan and Bcakup completed

With iMyfone special technology, iMyfone Umate knows precisely what is eating the space of your iPhone. It will find all the video over 5MB and the Apps that are not often used on your iPhone. You can delete large file or uninstall the Apps you don’t want.

You can use iMyfone Umate on a daily basis to clean your iPhone. The software used to be $29.95. And then it makes a discount to be $19.95. Now if you share this software page on your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, the company offers another additional $10 off. Get your chance to get this software with only $9.95.

Download iMyphoneMate for your PC

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