Nokia about to release Android Phone

Rumours are coming that Nokia is working on a Code name “Normandy” which is said to be the Nokia’s first Android Phone. An image has been published in November by @evleaks which you can see below.

Normandy looks like Nokia Lumia phones but has no capacitive buttons for navigation. It is said that Normandy supports the android applications like Skype, and other popular Android apps.

It seems like Nokia has been developing the Android powered device despite Microsoft’s plan of acquiring Nokia handsets business. So now it is unclear whether Nokia will release this Android phone before Microsoft’s deal is finalized. Multiple sources has revealed to The Verge that Normandy will be designed as an Asha equivalent to push low-cost devices with access to more traditional apps of smartphones. Nokia employees have been told that device is a 2014 launch. One insider has described the Normandy effort as “Full steam ahead”.
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