Play Tekken 6 on Android Phone and Tab

Tekken 6 Smooth Gameplay Video – How to setup PPSSPP Emulator to play Tekken 6 without Lag

Tekken 6 the most famous PSP game is now available for Android mobile and tablets free, Sony PlayStation portable roms has now playable in Android, so play and enjoy in your android device with full features of PSP game.

Tekken 6 is a fighting game developed and published by Namco Bandai. It is the first Tekken game to include multi-tiered stages and bound system.

Play Tekken 6 on android phone and tab

Play Tekken 6 on Android phone or Tab using PPSSPP, Smooth gameplay after changing few settings which you can see in this video. the game runs Flawlessly (Without Lag).

You can Go to this link to download the Tekken 6 Game CSO/ISO (Links given below) and Play in your device.

  • The game uses a proprietary graphics engine running at 60 frames per second.
  • The graphics engine has been designed with the focus on character-animation to make movements look more smooth and realistic.
  • Tekken 6 will boast the greatest number of characters ever seen in a Tekken game.
  • New characters, stages, items and customization options.
  • The game also fully supports multi-player option.
Download Here
Tekken 6 for Android mobile.cso

PPSSPP.apk(PSP emulator)

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