Root Any Android Phone or Tablet with SRS Root

Root Any Android Phone or Tablet with SRS Root

by Ravi Singh
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Hii Guys!!! In our previous post we’ve talked and discussed about WHAT IS ANDROID ROOTING and Its advantages and Disadvantages. In This post we will talk about How to root Any Android devices that to in just 5 Minutes using UnlockRoot Application available or Windows which you can download for free from its official Website (Links are Given at The End of the post). There are loads of apps for root users on Internet and market. 

 Its very easy and also after rooting your Android Device you can use your Device beyond its Limits for example Overclocking the speed of C.P.U. which can increase SpeedUp your Device. Likewise there are loads of other Tasks and Hacks that you can perform after rooting your Android device. There are both Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting your android device.

So Now Lets Start with the Rooting process. There was a time when Rooting an Android Phone or Tablet was a Hectic task and not everyone was able to do it. Most of the Time tools and resources are not available but Now We have got a solution to this problem and Rooting any Android Device has become a Easy task with the SRSRoot Tool available for Windows (Download Link is Below). With the SRSRoot Tool you can root Almost Any Android Phone or Tab with just One Click.

About SRSRoot Tool :

SRS-Root is an easy to use solution for rooting your android device, the software contains multiple exploits to gain root access on your device.

  • SRSRoot Supports Android versions 1.5, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2+
  • It can Root latest models like Samsung Galaxy S2 / S3, Note / Note2 etc
  • It has an Option to remove root from your device by one-click.
  • Powered by SRS Server *Safe Rooting without flashing your device*

Please Note : SRSRoot works only when you are connected to Internet. Rooting your Android can be dangerous as it can brick your Device. I’ll not be held responsible for any Damages happens to your Phone. Please Understand the Risks of Rooting and Advantages of Rooting Here.

What is Android Rooting and How to do it

Download SRSRoot – One Click Root Tool


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