Secret iPhone Codes List 2021 to Check If Someone is Hacking your Calls or Text

Have you ever considered the possibility of your iPhone getting hacked or attacked by malware and phishing? What if your iPhone is currently under attack? There are many ways through which hackers can intrude on your device. In most cases, you would not notice anything different on the phone, otherwise, what would be the point of attacking it? 

The attacks on your phones need not come through skilled hackers only. These attackers could be someone you know like your friends, colleagues, or someone from your family. They would only need to get hold of your device for a few seconds and their job will be done.

Before diving into the codes, let us first understand the following:

Why Your Calls Are Being Diverted

One of the questions you might want to ask yourself would be: Why Would someone want to divert my calls/texts and spy on me? Well, there could be a thousand answers to this question. One could be that you are a kid, and your parents keep an eye on you for your safety. Another reason could be that someone would benefit from people calling them, just like in telecom frauds where they have a premium-rate number.

Someone might even want to get access to your account that needs an OTP received through a phone call/SMS. The reasons are many, the hacker needs only one.

The Straightforward Solution

To find if your calls are being diverted to another number, you can simply follow these instructions on your iPhone:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on the ‘Phone’ option.
  3. Choose Call Forwarding.
enable call forwarding
  1. Toggle OFF the Call Forwarding option.
call forwarding

Another way to get to know whether your calls are being hijacked is through short codes. Some of the secret iPhone codes to check if someone is hacking your calls or texts are given in the next segment.

Codes For Anti-Spying

An average person can hack your calls and texts by exploiting the network’s SS7, also known as Signaling System 7, protocol vulnerabilities. This will enable the hacker to intrude on your conversation and listen to your phone calls. The interrogation codes that are given below will not prevent or abort the SS7 protocol or LTE network exploitation. They will only help you know whether or not your phone calls and texts are getting hijacked.

Dial the following numbers in your iPhone’s phone app, just like you would dial a regular number:

  • *#61# – Unanswered calls get forwarded to another number

When you dial this number, you will get to know whether your voice calls and data calls are being forwarded. If the ‘Voice Call Forwarding’ says it’s disabled, it’s a good sign. The same thing goes with the data calls. 

If you see a number listed there, this ensures that your calls are being forwarded to this number. To disable/cancel it, dial the ##61# code. This will prevent call forwardings from your phone number to another even when you fail to attend these calls.

  • *#62# – Call forwarding when the device is unreachable

Whenever your device is unable to detect a network signal, all your calls become unreachable to you. If the Call Forwarding When Unreachable option is enabled, this will forward your calls to somebody else whenever they call you while your phone hasn’t detected a network. By dialing *#62#, you can see if this feature has been enabled or not. If you see a number listed here, this means that the call forwarding is enabled and gets forwarded to this number. To disable/cancel it, dial the ##62# code. This will prevent call forwardings from your phone number to another even when your device is unreachable.

call forwarding secret code
  • *#002# – All calls get forwarded to another number

If you aren’t the lonely type and all of a sudden you notice that none of your contacts have called you in a while, there is a good chance that all your calls are being forwarded. To ensure if this is the case, dial the above-mentioned number on your iPhone. If it is enabled and you wish to disable the Call Forwarding option, dial ##002# code.

Most likely, your call forwarding issues will get solved through one of these numbers. If not, here are a few more you might want to check out:

  • *#21# – Non-Conditional Call Forwarding. To disable/cancel it, dial ##21#.
  • *#004# – Conditional Call Forwarding. You will have to dial ##004# to cancel conditional call forwarding on your iPhone.
  • *#67# – Call Forwarding When Busy or Rejected. To disable/cancel it, dial the ##67# code. This will prevent call forwardings from your phone number to another even when you are busy on another call or reject these calls.
non conditional forwarding code

If you get an error message while dialing the numbers mentioned above, it is likely that the code does not work in your specific line. You will also realize that the code doesn’t work on your network if after dialing the above codes gets you a voice message saying your call cannot be completed.

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