Secretly Track Location of Boyfriend or Girlfriend [Free Methods]

Secretly Track Location of Boyfriend or Girlfriend [Free Methods]

by Ravi Singh
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Track GPS Location

In the past few years, I created a few guides on how to track the location of your boyfriend or girlfriend by using nothing but a smartphone, any smartphone. You may read those easiest methods to track someone’s location secretly with a video guide.

But the success rate for those phone location tracking guides is less than 50%. And on the demand of our loyal audience and readers, today I am going to share a pro method to geolocate any person without letting them know.

With this method, you will get the exact GPS coordinates of a person and can also track to his/her live location.

What’s more, is that you can send messages, alerts to them and also check which social media accounts they are using.

Also, you can send a payload or an app such as a keylogger. More on those in later posts, for now, let’s focus on steps to locate your boyfriend or girlfriends’ real-time location without touching their phone.

Steps to Geolocate Boyfriend or Girlfriend’s Phone Secretly

This method involves the use of an Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) tool called Trape by developer Jofpin aka Jose Pino. To use Trape, you need Linux OS such as Kali Linux.

I have divided this tutorial into several steps. Follow these steps carefully to avoid any errors or discrepancies.

Step 1: Setup Kali Linux on Virtual Machine

To set up Kali Linux on VirtualBox or VMware for Geolocation trape, follow this guide.

You may also install and setup Kali Linux on your Android smartphone without root or any special tool or permission. Here’s a complete guide with video to install Kali Linux on Android smartphones.

Step 2: Clone GitHub to Run Trape

On your Kali Linux Virtual Machine, open Terminal, and type following commands in the given order followed by an ‘Enter‘ keypress.

cd Desktop
git clone
cd trape
python2 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

This will install all the libraries that are located in the file requirements.txt

Step 3: Generate NGROK, Google, and IPGeoLocation API Keys

To get Ngrok API key, follow these steps:

  • Signup at Ngrok using your email or Google account
  • Verify email and then sign in
  • Go to ‘Auth‘ and copy the API key

To Get Goole API Key,

  • Go to
  • Sign in using your Gmail account
  • Then click on the Hamburger menu and choose API & Services>Credentials
  • Click the ‘+Create Credentials‘ button and choose ÁPI Key
  • Copy the API key
google APi

To get IPGeoLocation API key,

  • Go to and sign up using your email
  • Verify email and sign in
  • Copy the API key

Paste all the API keys to notepad or Word document as you will need them later.

Step 4: Execute Geolocation Trape

To began Geolocation trape, type following command in the Terminal WIndow

cd Desktop
python2 -h
  • Press Énter’ to continue
  • Then paste ngrok API and hit ‘Enter
  • Then paste Google API and hit ‘Enter
  • Click ‘Enter‘ when asked for shortener
  • Then paste the IPGeoLOcation API key and hit ‘Enter

After pasting all three APIs, Terminal may again ask for the API, press CTRL+C to exit

Step 5: Navigate to Boyfriend or Girlfriend’s Geolocation (GPS Navigation via Google Maps)

To trape your boyfriend or girlfriend, you need to begin the Trape. type following command

python2 --url --port 8080

Replace with any website name that you wish to clone. For eg. or

  • Copy the ngrok URL and use a URL shortener service to shorten it
  • Now you can send this URL to your boyfriend or Girlfriend by saying,

Hey, check out this interesting video.

Your girlfriend or boyfriend will see a clone of YouTube video page or whatever website you decided to clone.

Step 6: Take Control

Now access the backend of Trape to see all the activities and track your Girlfriend or boyfriend’s real-time location.

Trape Running Successfully

Copy the Control Panel Link displayed in the Terminal in your web browser. Log in using ‘Access Key’ displayed in the Terminal window.

  • As soon as they open the shared URL, he/she will see the clone of the website you chose
  • They will also see a prompt for location access. Once granted, you will see details in the Google Map based GPS location URL on the backend page
Track GPS Location
  • Copy the Google Map location URL and paste in your web browser to view the current location of the person.
  • You may also mail the GPS location to anyone or to your phone via email and use your Android phone to actually navigate to your Girlfriend or boyfriend’s current location using Google Maps

Isn’t this cool and easy.

You can further use the tool to send messages, track social media accounts, and send the payload to access their system, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for the updates. More on that in upcoming posts.

We are creating a comprehensive guide on more Open Source Intelligence tools based on our R&D. So stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can learn how to install Kali Linux on your Android smartphone without Root or any special permissions.

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