How to Set Any Song as Custom Ringtone in Android

How to Set Any Song as Custom Ringtone in Android

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choose song and set as ringtone

As far as I can remember, setting a song as a default ringtone has always been possible on Android devices. With the advancements in the features of smartphones, it has now become possible to set custom ringtones as well. This means that different ringtones could be set for different contacts. This could be done for various reasons such as figuring out the caller’s identity just by hearing the ringtone etc. Everybody likes to know who is calling them before they even move to pick up the phone. This was pretty cool during the days this feature got released. Nowadays, not so much. 

In this guide, we let you know how you can set any song or music as a custom ringtone for a specific contact in Android devices. This is a step-by-step guide with appropriate screenshots given for your convenience.

Steps To Set Up Custom Ringtones in Android

  1. On your Android device, tap on the Contacts option from the list of applications.
go to contacts
  1. You will now see the list of all contacts saved on your device (and/or SIM card). Choose the contact you wish to set up a custom ringtone for and tap on its name.
select contact
  1. If all the settings with regards to the contact are given on this screen, you can skip this step and move on to step number 4. If not, like in most Android devices, you will have to click on the More Options icon. This icon could be a Settings icon, two vertical dots icon, or a hamburger/kebab icon.
more options
  1. Tap on Edit.
edit contact to set ringtone
  1. The remaining settings for the contact you have selected shall appear here. Scroll down to find the Ringtone option. The default ringtone must be set if you haven’t changed the ringtone ever before. Tap on this option. The custom ringtones that we are interested in during the scope of this article can be set from here. 
select ringtone
  1. You will now see various categories in this section depending upon the make and model of your device. In my case, as you can see in the picture, are three categories namely Default, Custom, and Phone Ringtones. 

Default: The default ringtone set by the manufacturer of your mobile device appears here. You will not get different options here.

Phone Ringtones: The list of all the ringtones provided by the manufacturer of your device will be given here. You can choose to set any one of them if you like.

Custom: If you wish to set a particular song or any other ringtone that you might have saved in the device’s storage, it can be set by choosing the Custom option. Once you tap on this, a new screen will appear looking for the location of the file.

Navigate to its location and choose the ringtone file in order to set it as the custom ringtone for your contact. 

select song to set as ringtone from the storage of your phone

Follow these steps as mentioned in the guide to set up songs as custom ringtones in Android. This is pretty much all, people! Nothing more, nothing less. If you have understood the process clearly, which I’m sure you have, you can go ahead and try this for yourself. Set a romantic ringtone for your partner or rock music for your boss, it is all up to you. 

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