How to Set Full Size Whatsapp Profile Pictures Without Cropping

Whatsapp is a great cross-platform mobile messaging app to stay in touch with your friends and relatives across the world. You can upload a profile pic also known as DP or display picture of yours in Whatsapp which can be seen by either everyone or your contacts only or no one, depends upon your privacy settings. Now when try to upload a nice pic of your’s on Whatsapp, it ask for cropping your photo i.e. you need a perfect square pixelated picture size to set as your Profile Picture in Whatsapp and most of the time you loose a substantial part of the photo. This is one of the most common issue that almost every Whatsapp user finds annoying. So what can you do if you don’t want to crop out something great from your profile picture?

There are several tools now on Playstore to ease up this task as many developers felt the need of this tool and developed some useful apps for customizing Whatsapp profile picture. So today we will be discussing three tools that can help you to set any full size Whatsapp profile picture without cropping – a very quick and easy way. So let’s get started,

1. WhatsCrop App for Android

WhatsCrop - Android Apps on Google Play 2 -Techposts

WhatsCrop – Android Apps on Google Play 2 -Techposts

WhatsCrop is a very basic tool that can help you set up an uncropped Whatsapp profile pictures. You can upload any pic from your gallery or take one from camera. The empty spaces around the profile pic can be filled with solid colors or any wallpaper of your choice.Some important features of WhatsCrop app are:

  • Automatic resizing.
  • Manual adjustment in size and rotation.
  • Control of image rotation.
  • Select background color of the image.
  • Selection of wallpaper background of the image.

Download WhatsCrop

WhatsCrop - Android Apps on Google Play -Techposts

WhatsCrop – Android Apps on Google Play -Techposts

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2. No Crop for Whatsapp

No Crop for WhatsApp - Android Apps on Google Play

No Crop for WhatsApp – Android Apps on Google Play

No Crop for Whatsapp is a very simple and easy to use app that can overcome problem of cropping Whatsapp profile pictures. This app adds a blurred effect in the borders of picture in order to keep all the details of your picture. So this way everyone stays inside of the picture. This makes No Crop for Whatsapp app one of the best tool for uploading uncropped dp on Whatsapp. For example, If you have any rectangular photo and want to set it as profile picture, when opened in this app, will automatically add a special blurred background made out of parts of that same photo. Features of the No Crop for Whatsapp:

  1. You can edit & resize Image
  2. Rotate image
  3. Add text to Image
  4. Apply Filters to Image

Download No Crop for Whatsapp

No Crop for WhatsApp - Android Apps on Google Play2 -Techposts

No Crop for WhatsApp – Android Apps on Google Play2 -Techposts

It also works for Facebook and Instagram same way. For a full overview of how No Crop for Whatsapp works, you can watch the following video:

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3. #SquareDroid

#SquareDroid — Full Size Photo - Android Apps on Google Play

#SquareDroid — Full Size Photo – Android Apps on Google Play

#SquareDroid is another very popular and simple tool which works for both, Whatsapp and Instagram. Using this app you don’t need to forcefully crop your pretty images in order to upload them on Whatsapp or Instagram. It lets you share uncropped photos in high resolution. This means that your picture won’t lose its quality when you use this app to resize them.

This app’s feature automatically analyses the photo and adds complimentary colors for backgrounds and border areas or you can simply add any color or use only white background. This app has one free and one paid version. Free version comes with advertisements which can be turned of after purchasing the “Pro” version of this app. Features of #SquareDroid are,

  1. Easily pick any photo from Gallery, Google Drive, Dropbox and almost any other app.
  2. Share picture from any app directly to #SquareDroid.
  3. Set different background options i.e. solid color, gradient and blur.
  4. Tune borders size and color, choose from four unique complimentary color or set up your own color.
  5. Save image as either in JPG or in PNG format.
  6. Ability to choose colors with Holo Color Picker

Download #SquareDroid

#SquareDroid — Full Size Photo - Android Apps on Google Play2

#SquareDroid — Full Size Photo – Android Apps on Google Play2

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