How to Spoof, Fake, or Hide Android Location

Spoofing, faking, or hiding your Android GPS location is quite easy. It can be done with the help of a small app available on PlayStore and by changing a few settings on an Android device.

While developers or pro users can use this technique to test apps, ROMs, and other services, a normal or daily user can also get some great benefits by spoofing their GPS location.

Benefits of Faking or Spoofing Android GPS Location

By manipulating your location, you can explore all kinds of apps that don’t work or restricts features in your country.

For example, you can access the Snapchat filters available in a certain areas by spoofing the location.

You can spoof your live location to any place and share it with your friends over WhatsApp or Facebook and make them think that you are at that place.

Similarly, if you aren’t getting many matches in your area on dating apps, you can spoof your location to a different place and increase the chances of your match while sitting at one place and talk to people from different places.

Just like that, you also make someone believe that you are moving in that location while actually, you are sitting on the couch.

This also allows you to hide your actual location from apps that you don’t trust. Thus, this method can be used to ensure location privacy.

Steps to Spoof, Fake, or Hide Android Location

  • First, install the Fake Location Spoofer Free app from PlayStore
  • Then open your Android phone Settings in your device and tap on About
  • Tap rapidly on Build Number until you see You are now a Developer text
  • Then go back and access Developer options
  • Here, you need to enable Allow Mock Location or tap on ‘Select Mock Location App’ to choose the Free Location Spoofer Free app
  • Now you can open the Free Location Spoofer app and set your location to desired place and tap on Play Icon
spoof android gps location
  • Now if you share your current or love location via Google Maps or WhatsApp, it will show the spoofed location to them. You can also set a waypoint to make them believe that you actually moving around. Isn’t it easy?
fake android location
  • Now when you need to stop spoofing your location, just tap on this icon and exit the app. That simple!

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