How-To Start an Online Business with No Money 2018

How-To Start an Online Business with No Money 2018

by Ravi Singh
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How to Make money online without investment

The Internet provides equal platform and opportunities to everyone for making money online. The best thing about starting an online business is that it’s affordable and can be started from home. One can start an online business with little or no money at all. All you need is a PC or a laptop with a decent internet connection.

How to Make money online without investment

You don’t need to learn any coding skills or require any technical knowledge or marketing skills to start an online business and you can start it from anywhere in the world. In this article, I will share some online businesses that you can start with no money. I will also show you real examples, my experience, and profits made from these online businesses.


Blogging is not just about writing articles. In fact, that’s just a start. You can start your blog by using free services like Blogger or WordPress. All you need is a subject or as we call it in internet marketing terms, Niche. Choose a subject that interests you. Keep it original cause If you try to copy someone’s content and post it on your blog, it will never be successful. You can post anything from pictures to videos, links news or articles. Just keep your posts engaging by providing useful content to users.

Make money by Blogging

Create a fan page on Facebook, Twitter and also use other Social media platforms to share your content and try engaging people with your content. Ask your friends to help you by sharing your content with others. Once you start getting traffic, you can start making money using following ways:


Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers i.e. bloggers, to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. AdSense pays you, usually in cents, when a visitor comes to your blog and clicks on the ads displayed on your blog.

2.Affiliate Marketing

You can use your blog to promote products that are sold on different E-commerce websites or products and services by other websites for a small commission. Every time someone clicks on an affiliate link and buys any product or service, you get a small amount as sales commission in return. You can promote any product, however, keep it related to your subject. If you write about smartphones or write anything about other products for that matter, you can add a “Buy Now” affiliate link anywhere in the post or article.

3.Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is also a great source of income for most of the blogs online. Sponsored content is an article written in exchange for payment in which the blogger talks about a product, service, and experiences. We have seen a recent shift in the marketing strategy of many brands and they now use influencers to promote their products. To get Sponsored content opportunities, you can use platforms like IZEA or TapInfluence and many more. You can sign up using your blog address and email to apply for various sponsored contents.

You can also start with self-hosted WordPress blog with very little investment also. All you need is a Domain name (blog name) and a web host like GoDaddy at a very cheap price.

Click here to learn more about How to Start Self Hosted WordPress Site

How did I start with blogging?

I started with Blogger platform by Google, with ZERO investment and today running a successful Tech Blog, I publish two-three articles in a week and earn a good amount through AdSense, Affiliate marketing, and sponsored product reviews. Through TechPosts blog, i get 2-3 sponsored product review opportunities every month. It’s because of TechPosts, I worked with brands like ASUS India, InFocus, WonderShare, BaseUS and many more.

BONUS TIP: You can also start a YouTube channel to promote sponsored products and affiliate links. This will also help you promote your blog by linking it in the description and you get more quality traffic back to your Blog from YouTube.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is fairly popular online business that one can start with Zero Investment. In drop shipping, you sell products like T-shirts, gadgets, accessories etc. on e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon without actually owning that product. This means you don’t need a warehouse to store and take care of the products you are selling.

Earn Money with Drop Ship - No Investment online Business

How Drop Shipping Works?

In drop shipping, you sign up for e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon.

Then list your products you want to sell. When an order is placed, you go to a third-party seller or local dealer and place an order for a lower price. The seller or dealer will then ship the product or products to your customer on your behalf. After few days you will receive your payments from Amazon and eBay and then you can continue this cycle once you receive payments. You can use those profits to invest further and list more products.

The downside of dropship is that you need to find a reputable drop shipper. If the drop shipper sends the item with defects or poor quality, you will get blame and this will influence your ratings negatively. Also, the market scenario has changed now and the price difference is between wholesale and retail is low. So, you will have to do a lot of research and calculations before listing any product online for sale.

To overcome this, you can use a site like AliExpress to find products or Alibaba particularly to communicate with sellers and ask them to send quotation for a limited quantity of a particular product. You also have the option to ask the seller to label those products under your own label. This way you will face less competition and can earn good margins.

In India, you also require GST no. to sign up and start selling products on eBay, Amazon, Flipkart etc. So that means you will have to spare few bucks in order to obtain GSTIN number.

My experience with Drop Shipping

I have personally tried it on eBay India where I listed a “Bicycle Computer (speedometer)” for INR 1199 which I purchased from Aliexpress for INR 600 only (including 3.5% credit card charges). After paying Rs.92 as commission to eBay, I received INR 1107 in my account. So, a straight profit of INR 507. And I never owned that product. See screenshots below,

How i started drop ship business for free

Purchased for Rs.570

I sold Drop Ship and earned money without investment

Sold for Rs.1199

Payment recieved after dropship

Got paid after a month

I sold this one product only as a trial or say more of an experience. Reason to stop were many as I have mentioned above, price difference and then the quality of product and then taxes. The product I sold on eBay was never returned as the quality was really good. How do I know about quality? Well, before listing it on eBay, I ordered it for my Bicycle a month back. Tried it myself and then thought of using it as a trial product for drop shipping. Another reason was shipping time. The seller was quick to ship it and delivery was done within 10 days from China and that’s what you should also consider. You should make sure that item is shipped quickly. I paid $1.55 for quick shipping.

3. YouTube

We all use YouTube and I am sure you must have watched a YouTube video before coming here or might browse YouTube after reading this article. YouTube is one of the world’s most popular website where people come to consume content related to their interests. With more than a billion users watching hundreds of millions of hours of video each day, a YouTube channel has become a profitable business now. You can use this reach to profit yourself by posting content on a product review, affiliate links and sharing your experiences with your audience through videos on your YouTube Channel.

Earn huge money with YouTube Channel without Investment

On YouTube, you can earn from Ad revenue. If you have noticed the ads that play just before the video starts or the ad banners on YouTube website, that’s where YouTube channels make money from. Creators make few cents to dollars (depends on several factors) each for clicks and ad views.

How to Start a YouTube Channel?

Starting a YouTube channel is very simple. All you need is a Google Account. Just sign in using your Google account on Name your channel, upload a YouTube banner that shows what your channel is all about, write a description of the channel and then start uploading videos you want to share.

There are people on YouTube making millions per month through sponsorships, Ad revenue, and affiliate marketing combined. You can start by choosing a niche like How-to guides, or anything you like but just make sure that it’s interesting and fresh. Use tool like Canva to design interesting thumbnails related to the title or subject of the video.

You can start creating content using your smartphone’s camera. That’s usually how most of the successful channels started. Just make sure, audio is clear and there is no or very less noise (if you can’t control). A good video quality with poor audio is of no use and no one would like to see a video which they don’t understand.

Use an editing tool like Camtasia or free tools like iMovie to edit videos. You can also use your smartphone to edit them.

How I Started my YouTube Channel?

I am a blogger and write about How-To guides. Some of my readers asked me to create video tutorials as sometimes they get confused about how to perform a particular step. So I started this YouTube channel called TechPosts Guides. I used my crappy smartphone camera to shoot those videos earlier. You can still watch them on my channel. I had no equipment, used to hold the phone with one hand and perform the task with another on my System.

Techposts Guides - YouTube

Techposts Guides – YouTube Channel

When I started I didn’t think of making money through YouTube as I was doing good with my blog. But then I saw a rise in subscribers and video views through YouTube. This also helped my blog by sending traffic as I always linked my posts in the description.

Today I make a good amount through YouTube Ad Revenue and sponsored video posts. Through my YouTube channel, I have promoted products through affiliate links also. Now I own a DSLR, Audio equipment’s and a laptop worth INR 80,000 which I purchased through my YouTube earnings earlier this year.

So, you can start one right now, all you have to do is a little brainstorming and searches.


So, there you have it, the best online business Ideas that you can start with Zero Investment. If you want to be successful in any online business, make sure to choose a good niche. A niche on which you can write or create content and have enough knowledge to sell it online through e-commerce. Start with YouTube or Blogging and use your profits to start drop shipping. If you can invest a little, drop shipping can be really good at making profits. Just do a thorough research about the products you chose to sell in your local online market. Good Luck!

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