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The 5 best VPN for torrenting and P2P file sharing

Best VPN for torrenting and P2P file sharing

There are many reasons someone might be looking to use a virtual private network, as torrenting has become a popular way to transfer large files from user to user. The downside of torrenting is the government, they are cracking down on P2P file sharing sites like no other in hopes to stop piracy. Today I will be talking about some great VPNs that can help you on your journey to torrenting safely whether it’s for work or personal use.

Best VPN for torrenting and P2P file sharing
Best VPN for torrenting and P2P file sharing

1.) ExpressVPN

While not the cheapest on the market, EVPN provides top notch security when surfing the web on public networks or torrenting watched magnet links. With servers spread out 78 countries you are bound to have a solid connection no matter where you connect from. You can rest assured you will be provided with one of the best encryptions available on the net today. Tunneled connections will receive a 256-bit OpenVPN encrypted connection that also discards saved logs, so no history can ever be retrieved. It also allows you to connect up to 2 devices simultaneously and works on all operating systems.

This is definitely one of the more popular VPNs available and is great if you are looking for the highest security for the buck.

2.) IPVanish

Vanish has servers in over 60 countries worldwide and has a rather strong connection at 256-bits of unblocking power. This VPN also does not log your history so you don’t have to worry about anyone snooping around. One of the best and unique features this VPN provides is its multi-account availability, this allows for more than one computer to connect simultaneously and can be rather useful for LAN parties or a small business.

IPVanish is a great VPN for downloading as it connects to the nearest available IP and can enhance your experience. It has been known to have great speed test results.

3.) Air VPN

There isn’t many negatives to say about Air VPN, it’s a pretty solid deal. It is based in Italy and also provides a 256-bit AES encryption to all traffic. One of the key features is its net transparency which is detailed through real-time server side statistics. This specific VPN offers “over tor” which provides a fully anonymous experience when tunneled into a connection.

The price is average and they offer a 3 day trial with no pre-registration fees. I would recommend this to new users as it’s very reliable and the price is just right, not many programs contain high security for cheap.

4.) VPN Arena

With servers based in Bulgaria, this is more of an eastern VPN, but it has key features that reach farther than that. With up to 5 simultaneous connections, this feature works incredibly well for businesses that attempt to use torrents for transfer. Arena also comes with an instant IP-changer and DNS leak protection, giving you that added security you want and need.

VPN Arena has a 7-day free trial on the website you can sign up for, no questions asked. This is a great way to get into things and see how the program runs for you.

5.) Bolehvpn

Boleh has a great connection with no slowdowns whatsoever, this makes it great for gamers and torrenting. OSX and Windows are both supported by the program which allows its appeal to be spread to a larger audience. With a powerful 256-bit AES encryption feed and SHA-512 HMAC data authentication you can’t really ask for more.

This program works great for P2P file sharing as well as bypassing any blocked websites you might encounter while traveling. With country censorship and administrative restrictions being placed on every public network, this can prove to be the most needed tool on your computer.

There are many virtual private networks on the market and many of them provide a great service for the price. It’s up to you to research these and learn which one can suit your needs best, whether it’s for travel, business, or home use. For more, visit Secure Thoughts as it’s one of the best possible online sources for information regarding internet security .

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  1. Such a helpful post. I think all VPN seekers will be benefited by reading your article, especially torrenting VPN seekers.
    But can you tell us about the costs of these VPNs? Most of the time, their monthly bill is so high that people can’t use.

  2. One of the best defenses against all such possible threats is using a virtual private network service. Our guide for the best VPN for torrenting will definitely help you in selecting the appropriate service. It will allow you to remain anonymous and become impermeable to all other threats. bestvpnprovider.com/torrent-vpn/

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