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The Top Technologies Shaping the TV Industry

The television is ever evolving. There was a time when TVs were small, bulky, and only offered black and white images. The televisions of today not only offer black and white as well as color viewing, TVs have the ability to do far more than just allow us to watch our favorite movie or TV show; they also allow us the ability to do other things. The following are some of the top technologies shaping the TV industry today.

technologies shaping the tv industry

Larger TV Screens

There was a time when most people owned smaller sized TVs that did not truly allow for the full immersive experience that many of the new TVs today afford viewers. One way that has changed is now it is possible for even the most budget conscience individual to purchase a large screen television without breaking the bank. Whereas most people used to afford TVs in the 24-inch range, now people can purchase a 60 or even 70-inch screen, which allows for an overall improved viewing experience. With international DIRECTV packages abound a growing number of consumers are taking advantage of these larger screens to get the most from their favorite shows from all over the world.

High Definition, HD, Resolution

High definition resolution, or HD, has to be one of the best technologies that have come to televisions. Whereas it was possible to watch what you wanted before, there is no comparison between the clarity and crispness of a movie in HD and a movie in standard definition. If you do not know what it is like to watch things in standard definition consider yourself fortunate. There truly is nothing better than viewing in HD. New technologies such as HDR and SUHD are emerging all the time to improve picture quality.

Smart TV Interfaces for Streaming Services

Many televisions in the market today have smart TV interfaces. Although many people balked at the idea, the interfaces serve very useful purposes. One of the best capabilities available is the ability of TV viewers to be able to watch more than what their cable or satellite company provide. With smart TV interfaces and streaming services, like those offered from Amazon and Netflix, people can watch additional shows and movies when they want that was not previously available. If a TV does not have the built-in smart interface, there are external boxes that allow for the viewing of major streaming services. This is becoming more important to consumers because of the rise in the popularity of streaming services.

Multimedia Display

TVs are no longer just TVs in today’s world thanks to advancements in technology. In today’s world, a TV is something we use for watching our favorite shows and movies. We also have the ability to use our televisions as a computer monitor when necessary. They can connect, via HDMI to a laptop when needed, or serve as a second monitor for a tablet and even a smartphone. The televisions of today also offer game modes, have built in Wi-Fi, some even have Bluetooth, and motion remotes.

The technologies related to television continue to evolve over the years. Long gone are the days of the small black and white television. Today it is possible to own a large screen television, fully equipped with high definition resolution and smart TV interfaces. Using the TV today is not just about having something to watch your favorite movie or show on at the end of a busy day. Watching television is now about immersing yourself into the program. Furthermore, with all of the continual changes to TV technologies like those listed above, we will be able to do more with our televisions and enjoy the experience even more than we once had.


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