Top 5 Background Eraser Tools for Mac, Windows, and Linux 2023

Top 5 Background Eraser Tools for Mac, Windows, and Linux 2023

by Ravi Singh
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Removing image background seems a challenging task. Especially, when you aren’t a computer savvy person. Being a nerd, even I experienced the same until a few months back.

In 5 Ways to Remove Image Background you will learn:

  • How to erase image background in just 5 seconds
  • AI tool for removing image background
  • Using MS PowerPoint to make the image background transparent
  • Online and Offline tools and web apps to erase image background automatically
  • The easiest ways to remove image background
  • Which is the best tool to remove image background
  • Finally, how to master background erasing skills?

While exploring all the possible options to remove image background and make the background transparent, I literally seeped through every single guide, web app, and software. Some of them did work but not as well and efficiently as I wanted. Some took more time, others asked for money, while a few turned out to be useless.

But then I found some interesting and easy ways of making the image background transparent with the help of free tools. Some of them are as efficient as ‘5’ seconds.

So today, I will be sharing some pro tips and readily available tools —both online and offline—to seamlessly remove the image background and make the background transparent in the most efficient way.

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Top 5 ways to Erase image Background for Free

1. PowerPoint

Not the best but made it to first because it’s installed in most Windows laptops, PCs, and even in MacBooks. So people are more familiar with the tool which makes it easy to use. Also, you don’t need an internet connection—although today devices are always connected.

It’s quite easy to remove the background from an image using the MS PowerPoint app in Windows and macOS. With time, I have mastered the skill of burning image background with Powerpoint app and here are the steps with screenshots:

  • Open MS PowerPoint App in Windows or Mac
  • Go to ‘Insert’ and click ‘Pictures
  • Browse and select a picture. Then click ‘Insert
  • Now click the ‘Format’ tab (if not open already)
removing image background with PowerPoint app
  • Stretch the image to its maximum size so that you can see the edges from where the background needs to be erased
  • Click ‘Remove Background
  • You will see a Rectangle with square points to select the image that you want
  • Click ‘Mark Areas to Keep’ (+ icon) and then click on the area you wish to keep
Mark areas to keep and background to be erased with MS PowerPoint software
  • You can click-hold left-mouse click and stretch on the image to mark a larger area at once
  • Use CTRL+Z to undo selection or use ‘Mark Areas to Remove’ ( icon) tool from the toolbar
  • You can see the end result in the left-panel while editing the background
  • Once you are satisfied with edits and changes, click ‘Keep Changes
Background erased with MS Powerpoint app
  • In case some background may remain and isn’t erased properly or completely, click ‘Remove’ background’ and follow the process

2. Remove.Bg

One of the easiest and convenient online image background removal tool to make the image background transparent instantaneously. The tool uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to differentiate between the focused object and the background.

Then it uses the learning to remove the background and lets you download the final image with a transparent background in less than 5 seconds.

I was amazed to see the results. Here’s a short screencast video recorded using MS PowerPoint app—it’s short because it took 3 seconds to process the image and remove the background.

  • Go to
  • Click ‘Select a Photo’ to upload from your PC or click ‘enter a URL’ and paste the image link directly
enter or upload image to burn image background
  • That’s it. In mere 3-5 seconds, you will get a perfect picture with transparent background
  • Click the ‘Download’ button to save the image with a transparent background on your PC
download image after background is removed

The only problem with the tool is that it works with an image having at least one person. It can only distinguish between a person face or body and background. Any other object in the image will be wiped off. Also, it will not work for images with objects other than a person.

Remove Background from Image –

3. LunaPic

LunaPic is a completely free online powerful image manipulation tool that you can use to remove the background from any photo or image in just a few seconds. It’s fast but the UI confuses a bit and thus, makes it to number 3.

Here are the steps you can follow to erase the image background and make the picture background transparent:

  1. Go to this URL: LunaPic
  2. Click ‘Choose File’ and browse the pictureupload image to remove image background
  3. Click ‘Open’ and then click ‘Magic Wand
  4. Click on the background to automatically erase itupload image to remove image background
  5. Once satisfied, click ‘Cutout
  6. Then save the file on your desktopimage background removed: Transparent background in 5 seconds

NOTE: The tool isn’t much effective but works on many occasions where the background is different and the subject is perfectly in focus. Try and let us know via comments if this tool works for you or not. Also, if you want to suggest some tool, lets us know via comments.

4. PhotoScissors

Photoscissors is an offline tool, which is free to download and use. It works similar to clipping magic but unlike clipping magic, this works offline and better than the PowerPoint.

Just select what you want to keep with the Green color + tool and what to remove with Red color – tool and that’s it. The tool does the rest of the job efficiently.

Photoscissors to remove image background and make it transparent

Here are the steps:

  1. Install and run Photoscissor app on your Windows PC or Mac
  2. Click ‘OK’ when pop up tutorial popup appears
  3. Click ‘Open Image’ icon at top left and browse to select the image
  4. Click ‘+’ Green button in the tool and mark or color the area green that you want to keep
  5. In a similar manner, select the – Red tool and mark the background area closely that you want to erase
  6. In the real-time, you will notice the changes
  7. Just use tool around and experiment to get the best results. Use CTRL+Z to undo a change

Once satisfied with the transparent background, save the picture at your desired location.

5. ClippingMagic

Another interesting web app, which works similar to how PowerPoint app, works but gives you better control. However, you need to sign in and pay to download the final output image with a transparent background. That’s the only reason why we kept it at position 4.

Otherwise, it’s a great background eraser tool. Here are steps you can follow to remove the background and make the background transparent with

Make Transparent image background and erase background

NOTE: While you can remove the background from most images, there may be some cases where the background removal isn’t efficient. That’s mostly because of minor color variations. The tool may confuse. For such images, we recommend using PowerPoint and Photoscissors.

For all other, we highly suggest trying to And support the developer by donating even $1, if possible. That will help keep such a great tool alive for longer and make it better.

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1 comment

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