Top VPNs for Online Gamers

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Top Four VPNs for Online Gamers

Speed, performance, ping, lag, latency – are some of the most commonly used words amongst passionate online gamers. Currently, there are more than 155 million online gamers in the United States alone, with number of online gamers in the Southeast Asian countries just following behind. Well, these are astonishing statistics. Aren’t they?

Top VPNs for Online Gamers
Top VPNs for Online Gamers

Most of the online gamers tend to rely on real-time interaction. This real-time interaction is the bedrock of online gamers’ success. Victory is directly proportional to real time interaction. This statement holds true in general and is very relevant to the community of professional online gamers.

What if you as an avid online gamer, face a sudden hike in the ping? What if you being an online gaming geek experience a lag time at the crucial moment in the game? What if you as an experienced online gaming individual, face hack attack that tarnishes your bid to win the competition? These are the questions that tend to intrigue an astute online gamer.

Worry not! In this blog, I am going to elaborate about four of the top class virtual private network (VPN) service providers that will help online gamers to get rid of all the potential problems facing them. Now, if you are just wondering what I am talking about here, you can look at this gif and see if you relate to the pain and suffering a true gamer faces when he feels the lag online:


So, now that you know how the lag feels like, let’s begin with our countdown:

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  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is known for its fabulous speed and super performance – the two essential factors that play a vital role when it comes to online gaming. As one of the leading VPN companies, ExpressVPN takes pride in providing buffer-free online gaming experience to the passionate online gamers.

Express VPN supports all the major gaming consoles including XBox, Wii, PS3 and PS4 etc. It also gives gamers much needed encryption support in order to help them safeguard their IP addresses, and identity over the internet.

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  1. IPVanish VPN

Another leading VPN service provider that online gamers can trust to use, is IPVanish. With presence in more than 60 countries, IPVanish offers more than 400 servers for online gaming purpose, and all of them are gprotected with NAT firewall. In partnership with Lag Assassin, the top tier VPN company claims to offer the lowest ping time within the industry.

The company claims that it does not keep any user logs. A dedicated software determines the specific needs of online gamers and provides them the freedom to enjoy ultimate online gaming experience. IPVanish has now become the premium choice for online gamers.

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  1. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is one of the top tier VPN service providers for online gaming enthusiasts. One of the factors that distinguish them from other VPNs, is that the VyprVPN servers are located strategically at different locations where large communities of online gamers reside. The company takes pride in being associated as the official sponsors of various e-sports competitions around the world, thanks to the association with Roughnex ESports Organization.

The organization has managed to facilitate a large number of online gamers with low ping and reduced lag.  That’s why it has won the trust of millions of online gamers. With protection against DDoS attacks and other security threats that specifically target the online gaming community available, VyprVPN has become the premium choice for online gaming geeks.

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  1. IronSocket

With VPN servers available in more than 36 countries, especially for online gamers, IronSocket is one of the most trusted VPN service providers within the industry. With top notch speed and optimum performance, IronSocket has managed to make its presence felt amongst the top tier VPN service providers in the world today.

With IronSocket’s comprehensive package that includes unlimited bandwidth, online gamers get 256-Bit SSL-supported encryption, and 4096-Bit OpenVPN encryption. This is one of the most attractive features being provided by the VPN service.

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The Ultimate Bonus: Kill Ping

Well, what have we got here! If most of you guys don’t know about Kill Ping, let me begin with their tagline ‘Don’t Lag. Just Frag!’ that says it all. Kill Ping is one of the best online gaming applications available for gaming geeks. Kill Ping has truly redefined the online gaming concept and has taken the gaming experience to a whole new level. Within a short span of time, the premium online gaming application has managed to win trust of internationally recognized online gamers.

With awesome speed and high accuracy, it kills your annoying ping at the instant. Enjoy low ping and lag-free gaming experience with Kill Ping. With unlimited server switching and uninterrupted server connectivity, Kill Ping gives the ultimate winning formula to concentrate on your online gaming expertise without worrying about high ping, lag or packet loss issues. It is the most affordable gaming private network application (GPN) for online gamers, available for just $3.33 per month only.

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This brings us to the end of this blog. Here I have listed only four of the best VPNs for online gamers, including Kill Ping, which is essentially a GPN application for online gamers. There are many more out there, like Ivacy australia VPN – which supports P2P file sharing with breathtaking speed and optimum performance. It has fast servers primarily for torrent users with a beautiful sleek interface. Now, it’s your turn to contribute to this blog with your suggestions and ideas. Share your thoughts in the comments’ section below.

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