Trace Location of a Person by Chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp

Trace Location of a Person by Chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp

by Ravi Singh
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This is a real handy and easy trick that’ll let you find out the location of a person using the WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Chat and SMS. It’s not actually limited to Facebook or Whatsapp chat, you can even trace the location using SMS or Email or any other social site, blog etc.. This simple trick also allows you to keep a track of the person like when he was online or which operating system he or she is using. Basically we will be tracking all the details using the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the person and to capture that IP we will create a free blog using a small Javascript code. So let’s get started,Trace IP Location using facebook, Twitter, SMS and Whatsapp

Trace Location of Any Person using WhatsApp and Facebook Chat

I assume that you know about IP address which is or can be used to locate a person as every system you are using has a different unique IP address. So using the IP address we can exactly pin point where the person is located.

Step 1: First, go to Inspectlet and Signup using your Email account.

Signup at

Step 2: Now once you sign up, on next page you will get a unique JS (Javascript) code. Copy it on your Notepad or Wordpad.Copy Paste JavaScript code to Notepad or Wordpad

Step 3: Now open Sign up or Sign in using Google account and create a new blog with any name of your choice. For eg. “Techposts” then the blog URL will be ““. Then hit “Create Blog” button

Step 4: Now that you’ve created a blog, Look for “Layout” option in left side and click on it.Go to Lauout in Blogger blog

Step 5: Now look for “+ Add Gadget” link button on right side and click on it. A popup box or new window will appear.Hit on Add Gadget

Step 6: Scroll down a li’l and look for “HTML/Javascript“. Click on it.Add HTML/Javascript Gadget in Blogger

Step 7: On Configure HTML/Javascript page, paste the code in big box that we copied earlier in Notepad or Wordpad from Inspectlet. Leave the title, it’s not required and hit “Save”.Copy Paste Javacript Code 1

Copy Paste Javacript Code 2

That’s it. First part is completed and now we need to capture the IP address of the person you want to locate. So let’s do it. If you don’t know how to create blog on Blogger, use this guide.

Capturing IP Address of A Person using Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp Chat

Step 1: Copy the Blog URL which we just created and we pasted the JS Code. Paste this URL or Send this URL to anybody you want to track via Facebook Chat, Whatsapp, Email or even SMS.Send the URL to the Person you want to Track using Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or SMS

Step 2: To make it more captivating, you can add a post about some interesting fact or video on the blog and then share it with friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, SMS or using any Social site. This will increase chances of URL to be clicked without any suspicion and you will be able to capture IP easily and safely.

Step 3: Now if person has clicked the URL, you will be able to see his captured IP in your’s Account Dashboard.Go to Dashborad and look for Captured IP address to trace location

Step 4: Now Copy the IP address and visit – IP Tracer. Paste the IP Address in the Box provided at the Top left and Hit “>” icon. All the location details of the person will be immediately displayed on the screen.

It also records the activity or session of the person on the page he or she visited. It’s visible when you click on Captured IP address in Inspectlet’s Dashboard.

Note: Sometime it shows wrong location. Don’t panic this is just because of the ISP providers.

Watch Video Guide on How to Trace People’s Location Via Facebook and Whatsapp

Now enjoy this trick, keep it secret and trace all your friends location without letting them know. This was all in how you can exactly trace and locate a person’s location via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and SMS. For more such How to guides on iOS, Android, Windows and linux, please subscribe to our newsletter. You can also follow and like us on Facebook and Twitter for quick updates.

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Leo Degrasse August 22, 2016 - 12:43 pm

A company named LocationSmart  partners with the major cell providers and makes it easy for app developers to access location information for their apps and services.


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