Using Computer to Send & Recieve Whatsapp Messages Faster

Using Computer to Send & Recieve Whatsapp Messages Faster

by Ravi Singh
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Are you tired of struggling with the tiny smartphone keyboard to respond to your friends when you’re at home on Whatsapp? Well, WhatsCloud is an app available for Android users on PlayStore for free which lets you use the most popular messaging app from your desktop computer or tablet.

How Does It Work & Is It Safe?

WhatsCloud syncs your WhatsApp messages from your rooted Android device to the cloud, making them available through a website by logging into your account from your computer—and yes, it’s safe.

Using AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption, messages are secure and only accessible to you through use of a generated encryption key provided through the mobile app which is entered into the webpage.

Step 1: Installing WhatsCloud

Since WhatCloud only works on rooted devices, so after rooting your device, head into the Google Play Store to install the WhatsCloud app for free.

How to use Computer to Send Whatsapp Messages Faster

Step 2: Generating Encryption Key for your Account

Next step is to create an account with WhatsCloud using your email. Once you’ve signed in, the app will provide you with a unique encryption key.

How to use Computer to Send Whatsapp Messages Faster

Step 3: Using WhatsApp on Your PC Browser

With your encryption key generated, head to the website at to sign in. You’ll initially need to enter your email and password, then, when prompted, input the encryption code.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see your WhatsApp conversations displayed right in the browser window.

How to use Computer to Send Whatsapp Messages Faster


Messages are synced automatically to WhatsCloud within 3 seconds, and outgoing messages via WhatsCloud are sent instantly!

So, If you’re one of the hundreds of millions WhatsApp users, then you should try out WhatsCloud.

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