Word Search Free App for Android

Remember those activity books where you had to find words in a grid of alphabets? Well, Melimots brings that same fun pastime to your smartphone. The app allows you infinite number of games with dynamically created grids. And regardless of the size of your device’s screen, these grids are filled with words

that cross and intersect When it comes to English, you can choose either British or US spellings. You can also choose the alphabet size in the game: the larger the size, smaller the grid, allowing you to customize the level of difficulty that way. And you can even select between a light and dark visual theme. Playing is simple too: identify a word and then, drag your finger along those letters to select If you’re looking for a casual game that’s more than just running and collecting coins and power-ups, Word Search has all it takes to be your new favourite.
Complete a full grid, and the feeling is rewarding by itself.
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