World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds which Can be Charged Through Phone

World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds which Can be Charged Through Phone

by Ravi Singh
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Wired earphones get tangled each time, no matter how neatly you put them inside your bag or pocket. There is a scientific explanation behind twining and tangling of wired earphones. You can read more about the explanation here. Good news is, world’s smallest and a totally new type of earphone is currently under-making.
The earphones are being designed by a new company launched in New york called “PUGZ”. The interesting fact about PUGZ smallest earphone is that these are designed by techies who belongs to moile industry companies like Nokia, Motorola, and Sony. They are prototyping world’s smallest earphone that can be charged directly through your phone.

World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds

World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds

With minimal size & shape, this wireless earphone allows perfect fit and music experience. Building wireless earphone of smallest size was a challenge which now has been overcome with latest technology. The main hurdle was long battery life without compromising the size. A full charge takes 40 minutes and can provides upto 4.5 hours of music. During charging process, this earphone consumes only three percent of battery capacity on an iPhone 6 or Android phone. Also, you can charge the earphones while using them. The prototype is ready and now PUGZ earphones are all set to go off to production.

PUGZ started a Kickstarter campaign few days back and has already reached it’s goal. If you want to order then hurry up as the campaign is still open for 2 more weeks (will end on 9Oct, 2015). You can pre-order your earphone on Kickstarter now. The production ready boxes will begin shipping in early November.

If you like the concept of world’s smallest wireless earbuds then please give it your support at Kickstarter. Also, tell us what you think in the comments below. For more such posts and updates please subscribe us.

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