You can now order food directly from Google search results

Google has created a new way of ordering takeout from restaurants directly from its search results. As part of an ongoing quest by tech and food companies along with Google ofcourse, to make sure that Americans won’t have to stand up and leave their homes to get food. Now whenever you search for a nearby restaurant for delivery, you’ll be able to select “place an order,” an option to select what you’d like to order without paying visit the restaurant’s own website.

Google Now automatically Order food

Now you can order food from Google search resultsYou can now order food directly from Google search results

Googfle has only tied up with six American delivery restaurant companies so far, namely “Seamless”, “Grubhub”, “Eat24”, “”, “BeyondMenu”, and “”. In case if your local favorite doesn’t offer its food through one of those services, not to worry, Google mentioned that it’s looking to add more delivery providers in the future and those will be added soon after some time.

Source The Verge

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